Day's Dying Light

Day's Dying Light

A Poem by Malise Haligree

Every once in a while there comes a love story that seems like it was meant to be. This is one of them.


They met under the shade of the old oak tree;
A hot summer evening with a humid breeze.
They stared at each other; he not older than three
And she not but a babe with bloodied knees.

He knelt as she cried under the ancient oak.
Slipped an arm o'er her shoulders and held her tight.
She sniffled and giggled as he cracked a joke
A newly forged friendship in day's dying light.

As the sinking sun set they both heard a cry,
"It's time for dinner!" "Come home for the day!"
Her nose was still ruddied as they said goodbye
But they both looked behind them as they parted ways.

Their friendship was instant and grew through the years
From seedling to flower it bloomed in the splendor
Through seasons and weather; through laughter and tears
Through pirates and dragons from which to defend her.

At the ripe age of eight they stole his pa's blade
And under leafed shadow carved into the tree:
"T.B. + R.W." and there it stayed
Proclaiming their love for the whole world to see.

That puppy love lasted, grew wild and free
Through childhood, school, first kiss and first fight
It grew so strong it brought him to one knee
Under the oak tree in day's dying light.

"I've loved you always and I always will.
A love so strong that it bound us together.
I met you right here at the crest of this hill
and I knew right then that it was forever."

As he pulled out a small velvet box, she gasped,
And her dainty hands flew up to her lips.
"Will you be my wife?" He emotionally rasped
"Yes!" She cried, and he pulled her close by her hips.

He embraced her beside the old carved-out heart
That they'd lovingly etched in the ancient trunk.
"I swear to you we will never be apart
Because without you I would surely be sunk."

Fireflies flickered in the calm, balmy night
Lighting up the painted face of the bride.
The ceremony went perfectly and just right
With the tree gazing down by the side.

Two stone sentinels now rest under that tree
Silent and solemn as silhouettes
Between them still peek the R.W. + T.B.
The exact spot where the lovers had met.

"Here lies" had been carefully carved o'er the heart
They lived and they loved and they ate and they drank
Together in life and in death not apart
And they had the old oak tree to thank.

A story of life and nature and lovers
Eternal as the cycle 'twixt moon and sunlight
A love deep and pure as one could hope to discover;
Their tombstones cast shadow in day's dying light.

© 2019 Malise Haligree

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Added on September 23, 2019
Last Updated on September 23, 2019
Tags: love, romance, country


Malise Haligree
Malise Haligree


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