Possible Again

Possible Again

A Poem by Lola Nation

The decision was stark clear.

It was time to make a move.


No one was offering any ransom

for her dead-end of a life that caged

her spirit.


She wasn’t getting any younger,

She hadn’t gotten any thinner,

and if she closed her eyes and paused,

she could hear the eggs dying.


Reprieves were granted with no respite.

Pardons were made in forms of apologies

and without penalties.  Periods of remission

endured and while the cancer at first

seemed benign, it had in fact grown

to vast significance. 


All so sudden it seemed time.


Time was ticking loudly on the wall-clock, hands swiftly moving,

It was flipping down like dominoes, cause and effect

It was digital and neon green, blinking at the truth

It was sweeping on a Rolex, shining on someone else’s arm

It was chiming on the quarter to the hour, tugging at the bell strings

There was a hurry to stop the waste.


She was searching for a cursor

She was arranging the exit.

She was seeking change and with change

comes urgency, with urgency comes motivation

and with motivation, all things become





© 2011 Lola Nation

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The time ....digital and neon green and the Rolex shining on someone elses arm.
Yes. That.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I feel the same way as Emily~you endear the narrator's plight to the audience~make us feel for her deeply~

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I hope she finds what she's looking for . . .

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Lola Nation

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