Dinner Time

Dinner Time

A Story by Lane Craver

Playful story of cat and mouse

Dinner Time
I was sitting on my pin cushion seat, eating a crumb of coffee cake, when from out of my window, I did hear someone say, "Say 'ol chap, might you have dinner with me?"
"Who me?" I dared reply.
"Why yes, good sir, you indeed."
"What did I do to deserve such a delight as going to dinner with you?"
"Oh my good sir, have you not considered such things? With all you do around here, I am surprised you should even ask. You clean all the dishes with that whiskery nose of yours, and pick up all the crumbs that fall to the floor. You are such a scream at any party, jump on those chairs girls and yell till it raises all of our hairs. You make such a dashing entrance, hard for anyone to keep up with you. Decorating the corners with such delightful treats, so scrumptious, so to die for. And the company you keep, they are hopping mad with glee; with all those circus clowns playing jumping jacks, moving so fast, they are so hard to see. And my favorite thing about you, it's so dear to me, is the way you are so thoughtful, so considerate, so nice to me... won't you come sit and keep me company?"
"Those are very nice things you say about me, perhaps a raincheck, for I am nearing my bedtime, if you cannot see."
"Ah yes, it is the nearing of midnight's kiss, but I assure you, you will not be disappointed, no sir, not one bit. For there is a seat of honor, with a delightful dish of cheese, all decorated with the finest linen, shiny steel and carved wood... just ignore the click."
Cheese, I could hardly believe my ears. It was my favorite, my only weakness, my only craving in the whole world. "Where is this special place of honor, this place where friends meet?"
"It is by the fireside, near the window; you can't miss it, I'll be there."
"But who are you?" I was frightened now, accepting an invitation, with no why, no who, and no how...
"I am your dearest, beloved friend." 
"I don't have any friends."
"You do now." Whispered his mysterious friend. "Come see for yourself, and you won't believe your eyes, all that cheese, all that wine!"
"I would so much like some cheese tonight, it sounds like such a delight!"
"I was betting you would, and I will see you there. Sitting in the seat of honor, an all metal chair." With a cheerful Ta Ta, all went silent. 
So comfy and snug, I just gave it a shrug; put my coat on and left, happy as a bug.
Down by the fireplace, the night heated up, cool lights hanging by the table, now in sight. The sweet smell of pepper jack cheese, filled my nostrils, chanting in my brain, eat me, eat me, if not, it would be a shame.
Looking around I found no friend, but a seat of honor was at my trails end. Nestled inside curtains of linen sat a curved metal chair, I just sat there, and started to stare. My eyes bulged wide, as I realized the cheese was twice my height. I scampered to the chair, and without taking a care, I sat down, grabbed my fork and my knife; slicing into the pepperjack, I didn't even hear the click at my back. 
Smashed to ground, I had no where to run. This was no picnic, this was no fun!
I scratched and I kicked, but there was no mistaken, I was tricked. Invited to dinner, a mouse to a mousetrap, by what I know now, was the cat in the house....   

© 2014 Lane Craver

Author's Note

Lane Craver
Not sure I am going to keep all the word play, may make changes... definitely a rough draft. Any thoughts?

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The story is very clever. I enjoyed it.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Lane Craver

4 Years Ago

Thank you!

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Added on April 16, 2014
Last Updated on April 17, 2014
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