A Poem by Miss'LC


Fight for people you love
Fight for what their fighting for, 
Stand up for what you and they believe in, 
Don't back down, even on deaths door. 

If you back down, you become a loser. 
If you fight you become the in-between, 
If you believe that little bit harder, you become a winner. 
At the end of the day
Your family are the ones to stay. 

They've always got your back, 
Not matter how much you love or hate
They aint going no-where, 
Even if they walk out and say they're leaving
Your heart will always be in theirs.. 

The most important people in the world
Are the ones who... 
Saw your first tear, and whiped it away
Saw your first smile, and smiled back
Saw your first steps and was proud
Who saw you grow up. 
Who you'll always love the most... 
Parents.  (Lee+Paul)

but also along side them, 
The ones that helped..
The gorgeous and wonderful also weird 
Siblings. (David+Racheal)

and the people who made you smile from the moment 
you stepped foot into their house
(Carol+Steve, Bobby+Dennis)

Don't forget the new addtions:')
Skin so soft, 
So little too
Such a cute button nose
followed by a nice little headbutt.
Newphews, aged 4 months.  Little Cracker JJ :')

I love my family
No matter how weird or stupid they are
They're the beat to my heart
The shoe's to my laces
My senteces with spaces, 
Never seprated never apart. 

I love you all. 

© 2012 Miss'LC

Author's Note

What can i say,
I love them all!

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Added on November 25, 2011
Last Updated on July 22, 2012



Chichester, United Kingdom

Alright! Leanne'Cindy'Carlill 17 Living in United Kingdom, England Loving Life with my family. R.I.P Nan, your still my world. Now you're gone, my heart is broken Worst then ever before.. .. more..

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