A Poem by LeeLee Ryder

short poetry about one of my favorite films note to self: 35, 35, 41, 34,31,35,40,37=288 words

Scout, Jem and Atticus were a close knit family
In the wake of Maycomb flourishing in poverty
Maudie, Aunt Steph, and Dill lived next door
Boo Radley crept in the dark like a ghostly misty fog

A black man, Tom was accused of a white rape
Igniting the town and fueling their racially charged traits 
Ready to string him up without a trial
But Scout shamed them with her innocent smile

The trial began and Atticus would prove Tom's innocence
No exam of beaten Miss Ewell, no evidence was found
A man leading with his left was the man who beat her
Tom's left side, paralyzed but Mr. Ewell was a southpaw

Atticus's summation asked all to put aside prejudice
Eye the truth and free Tom from this injustice
The jury would not relinquish their ugly bigotry
A sad Alabama day, the South in racial infamy

Corruptible justice was swallowed up in black
Whitewashed, tarnished, a white man's crime
The Ewell's were poor white folk  
Tom paid for their sins & was shot dead during his escape 

The summer past and the fall came fast
Scout and Jem walked after a Halloween fest
Bob Ewell, out for revenge attacked them boldly
But Boo saved them with a knife up Bob's rib

Jem got the worst with a severe broken arm
Boo appeared behind Jem's door as Scout eyes soared
Atticus wondered if the truth should be told
But Sheriff Tate said it would be a sin if Boo was exposed 

Scout agreed, said it'd be like killing a mockingbird
Atticus hugged Scout as Boo watched Jem sleep
Scout walked Boo home, realizing a silent kinship was born
Atticus watched Jem all night till the early morn


© 2011 LeeLee Ryder

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I enjoyed this a lot. I did some substitute teaching for a teacher whose class is reading the book and watching the video. It's a great book and gives us a chance to reflect back to a time when things were not so good. It's like Rock and Roller said, we've come a long way...we still have a long way to go.

Posted 9 Years Ago

We have come a long ways from those days and yet we have not... A very nice summation of the story.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on November 12, 2011
Last Updated on November 16, 2011
Tags: injustice, racism, prejudice, southern, childhood, honor


LeeLee Ryder
LeeLee Ryder

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