A Poem by Leviathus Fortes

What's going on, I do not understand
Why are you playing with my mind
This is a game I want no part of
I will leave you on your own

Watch me walk away, untainted
You will not corrupt my heart
I take solace in that fact
May you tear yourself apart

Where I'm going, you can't follow
But I carry you with me anyway
A simple way to reach nirvana
I just want to find some peace

So go ahead, don't plan to change
I will not try with you again
You want me to become you
But that's a gift I won't receive

I do not seek affirmation
My heart's not petty like you are
Be proud, you got what you wanted
Just not the way you thought you would

You assumed that I'd stay silent
Well I'm not one for that
I was different than what you're used to
And I proved it time and again

You took on someone like me
But little did you know
My voice, it carries loudly
In time you'll learn my name

More important things are calling
And you do not fit the theme
So enjoy your feeble life
You will get what you deserve

I'm seeking out another
The one that you all drove away
You chose money over people
I find disgust in your company

Onward shall I travel
And here you'll always stay
I hope what you did was worth it
Because I see no worth in you

Forever onward, searching
A scavenger hunt made for me
That's called a spirit journey
I now know who I am inside

I weep, for I have seen your souls
But I pray that in due time
You have a revelation
And guilt finally sinks in

Eyes wide open, watching
To where my path now leads
To get back what was stolen
That is what I seek

© 2015 Leviathus Fortes

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Added on January 4, 2015
Last Updated on January 4, 2015
Tags: Seeker


Leviathus Fortes
Leviathus Fortes


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A Poem by Leviathus Fortes