A Story by Leviathus Fortes

He walked across the desert
It seemed a perfect fit
It was a feeling that he had
So he went with it

"I look around and see a world
To which I have no part
A mind confused, completely blank
And a sadness in my heart"

He sat down to ponder
For he did not feel whole
It was a moment, revelation
He was searching for his soul

"The poetry of motion
Happens each and every day
I'm on the outside, just observing
Feeling if I lost my way"

To be trapped inside an instance
The world passing him by
Existence, yet what is it
To live, then merely die

"But did I truly have it
A life? Had one at all?
If I did, somehow I missed it
Of that I can't recall"

The thoughts of this, they scared him
So he pushed them from his mind
For he had questioned meaning
What was he supposed to find

"Where is it that I go from here
Shall I ever find my place
Or sit around and simply sulk
And put a mask upon my face

Is there someone out there for me
Or am I to be alone
Forever, never finding
A place I may call home?"

Was he seeking closure
Of that, I do not know
Still he walks across the desert
And shall forever so

© 2015 Leviathus Fortes

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Added on January 22, 2015
Last Updated on January 22, 2015
Tags: Wanderer


Leviathus Fortes
Leviathus Fortes


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A Poem by Leviathus Fortes