A Girl With A Knife

A Girl With A Knife

A Poem by Lilac Lilies

A fictional free verse poem, if that's what you'd call this, please tell me if I'm wrong

There was a girl
This girl was hated by everyone around her
Rightfully so as she tortured a poor boy across the road
She once decided to chase him around with a knife
Then, he was running for his life
He went from country to country
Flying above the sea
He looped around the earth 13 times and then he had enough
He told her what she does is not fair
So he went ahead and turned her into a square

© 2022 Lilac Lilies

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I'm not the most analytical proficient judge of poetic styling or genre. I can only tell you if your art resonates or moves me in some way, as to be thought provoking. It does. Art is subjective. What one may see as sublime and beautiful, another will be dismissive and indifferent towards it. The writer must always let the work stand on its own. Let the audience and each individual heart decide the value of the artistry. I tend to value the message and emotions of the piece above all else. Because art isn't supposed to be perfect; it is the imperfect perfect. Write what you feel and are moved to. People will be drawn to honesty and emotive intent which resonates within them when reading or viewing your art. Because it is within the words they will come to see you and know your heart. There is a profound honesty and truth in the message of this poem. To face one's fears and stand up to them. To take away the power they have over you. And in doing so change yourself as well. To be brave. A very strong hopeful message indeed.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Review
Added on July 4, 2022
Last Updated on July 4, 2022
Tags: Knife, Country, Running, Sea, Life, Not, Fair, Chase, Square


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