For the memories, I am sorry.

For the memories, I am sorry.

A Story by Lillian Jean

For the memories, I am sorry.



I hurt you, but I hurt myself too. 


I thought what I did was best for both of us; I thought I could handle the distance from you. The ‘break up.’  It’s been awhile now and I still feel the pain every day. The memories are haunting, I see you in the room sometimes, just sitting there.  I thought I’d be the one to come out on top. Instead it was you. You say you are doing great now.  That’s great to hear, I think. I don’t miss the relationship, but damn do I miss the friendship. I lost my best friend. I may call someone else that now, but there is no comparison to you. We truly were best friends. I didn’t think everything through when I gave you up.  I put you aside like nothing, I will never forgive myself for that. The way I treated you in the end was awful and I know it. I am so sorry.  I loved the memories we’ve shared. We had some wonderful times and did some great things.  We had some hard times too, but now I cant even hardly remember those. All I see is the great times we had, and how cold I was to just toss them out.  I try to replace you with someone else, but there is no one just like you. I am starting to realize that. I feel like an idiot most days.  You were wonderful to me; I’ll always remember that.  I don’t know how to live with myself most days. I am so emotionally drained. I know I brought this all on myself. You tried so hard to put us back together. I was just to stupid to even give you another chance. I’ve tried to keep away from things that remind me of you, but I think that no matter what I do, I’ll never be able to erase you. 


Thank you fir all the great times. They will be in my heart and mind forever. 


I’m so sorry.. 

© 2020 Lillian Jean

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Added on February 3, 2020
Last Updated on February 3, 2020
Tags: sad, relationship, friendship, breakup, memories