A Poem by Kayo

I'm not quite sure what this one is about, actually... Enjoy?

And so it hath come to this.
I wonder, did thou ever truly want me happy?
Or did thou want to use me, abuse me and treat me like dirt.
Did thou just intend to hurt me, swallow me and spit me out?
Or did thou really love me, but not know what was right or wrong in a lovers’ quarrel?
Maybe we shall never know,
But I must ask this; did thou ever love me, truly?
I guess thou care not,
For thou hast won the game.
But I wonder still,
Was I ever destined to be truly happy with thou?
Perhaps not, but until then, can’t one dream?
For dreaming is ones way to escape reality
Into a world of ones own.

Yet I still ponder over the question,
If I swallow, will my sea levels go down?
Possibly not, for swallowing only speeds up the process of the drowning.
What misery beholds my near future?
For if misery doth love company, and company doth love more,
Then how much company of misery will then be thrust upon my young shoulders?

Once upon a time, a maiden did sing.
Where is her song now? Blown away with the wind?
For sorrowful eyes watch the young maiden.
But must the eyes haunt her so?
For it hath been said that an evil dwells within those eyes,
Or is it just a true sorrow?

What was the purpose of the game?
I never really had a true chance to win.
Smear the blood of my enemies across the ground and scream.
The blood of those lost, loved and hated.
Smeared, mixed upon these very walls.
Is it better to die forgotten or hated?
I could never tell, for I am both forgotten and hated.

Oh how sweet the sound of ‘morrow.
Surely come, but not fast enough I pray.
For can thou end this unfaithful night?
The sun, never dawning,
The ever faithful moon doth shone bright,
But why tease, I asketh thou,
For teasing is a sign of lost compassion,
For what is compassion?
Misery doth be nothing new to me.

© 2010 Kayo

Author's Note

Second poem I've ever wrote, again not supposed to be rhyming.

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I love this it is sooo pretty

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on July 30, 2010
Last Updated on July 30, 2010
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Hi I'm Rachel, I'm 14 and I love to write. I looked up this site after a friend reccommended it. I'm hoping that I'll fit in here and people will like what little work I have :D I hope one day to be a.. more..

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