A Story by Linda

I was cleaning out my garage today, and I came across a box full of papers and photographs. Of course, curiosity came to mind, so I looked through it. There were letters and photos, millions of them, from my uncles true love. Sorry, I meant, the love of his life. It was a painful thing to read. To see that someone never got the chance to be with the person that anchored them. That gave them a reason to be on this earth.Right away the light bulb in my head lit up and I decided what it was I was going to write about. I decided to write about heartbreak, an intense unhappiness or grief due to a romantic dispute. We are always so in love with the thought of love that we never pay mind to heart break. We never think about the agony, the tears, and the sadness that heartbreak brings.

Heartbreak is a very hard feeling to explain, because everyone copes with it differently. Heartbreak is feeling as if someone grabbed your heart and burned it to flames right in front of your very eyes. It is waking up every morning turning next to you just to see if that someone will magically appear by your sideHeartbreak is about wanting to cry a river just by hearing their very name.  It is such a cruel and painful thing to endure that, it makes me give respect to anyone who can cope through it.

Heartbreak is a process. It is walking into a bar or a coffee shop and locking eyes with someone that takes your breath away. It is being scared to commit but following through anyways. It’s being so in love with that person that you put down the walls that hid your feelings and exposes it to them, leaving you vulnerable and defenseless. It is finally letting yourself love and reminding yourself they would never hurt you. Heartbreak is about being wrong.

It is seeing the person you would go to the moon and back for tell you that they no longer want to be with you. Heart break is seeing them practically throw away the love you have for them to the side and spit on it. As you sit there, motionless, trying to wake yourself up from this horrid nightmare. Heartbreak is about wanting to fall on your knees and plead for them to stay as they walk away from you. It is questioning what it was that you did so wrong.

Heartbreak is everything turning black and white. No color is in your world, it is as if there is this black in the sky that took away all light in your life. Going to sleep is the hardest part of your day. It is going back to an empty bed, wondering if this pain will ever subside and stop. Heartbreak is something that is so hard to get over.

So many emotions go through heartbreak and so many tears are shed. But, at the end of it all, heartbreak is about being able to love again. Even when it scares you to your very core, you love again. You do not use that heartbreak to hold you back from finding someone that will truly love you.  Heartbreak is about picking up the pieces of your heart that the person you once loved chattered and seeing who will put the pieces back together without ever breaking it again.

© 2016 Linda

Author's Note

Just an old essay i had to do about heartbreak

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Added on April 29, 2016
Last Updated on April 29, 2016
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