The Heartbreak (Part 1)

The Heartbreak (Part 1)

A Story by Linda



The silence brings no comfort between us; in fact, it feels as if a crescendo of high pitched sounds are stabbing my ears. I guess it is true what they say, “silence screams the truth.” You look at me with nothing but plain torture in your eyes. You cannot believe that of all people, it was I that has inflicted this pain upon you.

“I’m…I’m so sorry. Please you have to believe me” I whisper, my trembling hand reaches out to you as I step forward. You just step back and never lose eye contact. The rims of your eyes getting redder by the second and a glassy shine cover your eyes. Tears, I think to myself. Those are tears.

“Why?” you manage to breathe out shaking your head, hoping that soon you will be awoken from this nightmare that is consuming you.I wanted to so badly avoid that question, because I did not have a straight answer. I just look down, shame showering me from head to toe. I hear your sobs erupt from your throat.

“I gave you everything! I gave you all I had. So, why? Tell me! Why?” You scream, with hot tears rolling down your cheeks. I was the one to wipe the tears that escaped those beautiful hazel eyes of yours. So what do I do now? What do I do when I have the urge to wipe your tears…but I caused them to form and flow like a never ending river?

I shake my head and whisper “I don’t know. It was stupid. I was stupid. I am sorry. You have to believe me, my love. I love you.” I flinch at the humorless laugh that erupts from you, through a sniffle.

“No. You don’t! If you did my heart wouldn’t feel as if it just got ripped out of my chest and shattered into a million pieces. You did this. You ruined us.” Your finger aims at me firmly, and your eyes… God, if looks could kill.

“Everything… I gave you everything.” You manage to whimper out as you fall to your knees and cover your face with your hands.

I want to reach out, I want to hold you and make it all go away. I want to turn back the clock, change it all, but I can’t. Tears swell up behind my eyes, but they do not escape. I cannot cry. Why? Is it the shock? I can’t feel a thing, just numbness.

With a look up at me your anger comes back.”You don’t even feel me remorse!” you shout to me.

“That’s not true” I start to say, but you cut me off “No. just stop! I don’t need to hear anymore lies from you. I just don’t understand why you would do this to me, to us. We had a future! I was looking for a house. We were supposed to get married and have a baby!” You stand up and wipe your cheeks with the back of your hand.

“No. You know what. I can’t. I can’t do this. This is just… I can’t” Is all you can say looking down, disgusted to make eye contact.

My blood turns into ice coursing through my veins, “what? What do you mean?” I say, emotionless…motionless.

You look at your hand, your ring shines from the moonlight hitting through the window. My stomach starts to turn with the realization of what you’re going to do next. As more tears stream down your face, they are silent. They roll down your neck and soak your shirt. You use one hand to twist the ring off your finger slowly, right off your left ring finger. Without saying another word you place it on the bed… what used to be our bed, and walk away. I m frozen in time I feel. I cannot get my lips to part to say anything; I cannot get my feet to move to chase you down. I pray in my mind for some type of hint that you’ll come back, some type of hope. But you don’t look back as you walk out the door and fade into the darkness. The silence pierces my ears painfully again, but with a new noise. A noise I have never heard in my life that came with an agonizing pain. I slide my back down the wall and pull my knees up to my chest as I realize what the noise is… it’s my heart. It’s breaking.
To Be Continued…

© 2016 Linda

Author's Note

Something short I will continue. Kind of from personal experience. Did not want to put gender roles on either to keep it open for people to relate to it. Enjoy it.

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I really enjoyed reading this, can not wait to read more of your work.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Really emotional story ....
I could relate .... I like it very much ....
Thank you for sharing... *Smiles*

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


4 Years Ago

I m glad you enjoyed it .thank you for reviewing 😊

4 Years Ago

You are welcome Linda *Smiles*

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