Meeting Mars at the Taj Mahal

Meeting Mars at the Taj Mahal

A Poem by LR Young

There was a moment yesterday after sitting
in the Indian Restaurant (where
the owner's are Nepalese), after
drinking my two cups
of milky-sweet chai, gazing
out the windows above the parking lot,
learning how rhythm was so essential, how breathing
makes sculptures and words,
how much my heart quelled its held
tired younger body, the etheric claw
of ancient dismissals, aching to be heard,
proposing that it was only fear,
of never being of any real purpose anyways;
the haggard ego presenting its own triads
of misery or discontent, or anger then
diffusing into translucent steam,
I felt some inner hand of mine grasp
and brush aside, cool to the touch.
Dreams of cumin, chile, turmeric;
That is why (each grain of rice is golden)
it wasn't so cold this time when I walked to the car
and the mountains before me, like ironing anvils
thrust like dark blue slated truths
or god-lings into the air, beneath
arched turbulent clouds in darkening
coiled peals, the light
at the highest horizon was winning.

© 2009 LR Young

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I'm beginning to believe some errant Muse has possessed your soul, and you're not even there at all...

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Chai is the best drink in the world, which can be simple or complex.
Recipe: Ingredients:
*4 Cups water
*handful of black tea (Darjeeling or Assam) or 6 bags
*dried or fresh ginger (i use both) tablespoon dried+shredded fresh ~ this is a good starting point and recommend experiment w/this to discover just how "spicy" you like it.
*1 cinnamon stick (2 if small)
*1 tablespoon black peppercorns (slightly cracked)
*1 1/2 tablespoon Cardamom seeds (slightly ground)
*15 whole Cloves
*2/3 cows milk or goat
*desired amount sugar

*bring water to a boil, with Cinnamon and ginger in pot.
*mix spices together and in a pre-heated sauce pan ~ dry fry the spices for 5-7 seconds stirring the whole time
*add spices to pot of water and let simmer for 20/30 minutes
*Add tea and let sit for 5 minutes, strain.
*Put back into pot and Add Sugar and Milk

This rhythm is so important to tune into as you have realized.
Called spanda or pulse, I think it manifests on this level as our
breath, which can be in accord with it or not.

Your description of the mountains is stunning.

A gorgeous piece!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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LR Young
LR Young

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LR Young completed her Masters in Literature in Spring of 2009. Her current emphasis is poetry, the intimacy of words and string of consciousness revelations, rhythm and imagery. It is just as Ginsber.. more..