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War of Words The Game

War of Words The Game

A Poem by Beth Lindsay

Poetic way to combat narrow minded people.

So you want to fight with words, 
it takes two or more to play 
Oh wait! that's right, I can't, 
because I grew up the other day 
If this is upsetting you 
I guess I could have a little play
let's see what you can do 
But warning, whatever you may bring
I will take it like a human
Take your annoying attempts 
I'll still be able to stand 

My turn? Alright 
I guess I could explain 
Why this game is found annoying
why it brings agony and pain 
Your words
Although don't hurt me in anyway 
hurts the others around you 
each and every other day 

That isn't exactly right
That isn't what gets me bursting into flames
Its is your mind is so inhumanly narrow
to create a thoughtless game 
you are like a de-evolutionist version 
of what settlers would have been 
burning innocent people at the stake 
for all the other's sins

But i have no choice, 
I can't help but pity your kind 
for trying to live
in these understanding times 
with your energy draining grudges 
with you unfounded hate 
with opinions that long since 
have been out of date 

Then again these words I speak 
they aren't me 
I live only to spectate
and only to see 
the many colors of the truth 
hoping one day they connect 
to live my life to embrace them all 
and use them to reflect 

So I apologize in advance 
for letting you see the steam 
maybe you aren't as bad 
as your words makes you seem 
but all the more reason 
you should reflect 
On those narrow minded thoughts 
and how they appear pathetic 

That is the end of this round
of this annoying game 
for now I must put out 
this burning flame 
I look forward to seeing
on how you return 
Will you reflect? 
Or let your ignorance burn? 

© 2016 Beth Lindsay

Author's Note

Beth Lindsay
Venting session complete. People just been really nasty to each other lately and I needed to get my frustration out. Let me know what you think.

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Added on February 22, 2016
Last Updated on February 22, 2016
Tags: narrow minded, war, words, hate, grudge, reflect, game, round, flames, burn, frustration, annoying, colors, truth, seeking


Beth Lindsay
Beth Lindsay


I am a college student, studying to become a writer. My desired career is in graphic novels, but I also enjoy writing short fiction and poetry. Aside from my writing ambition, I paint/draw, read, and .. more..

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