A Poem by Lisa Hickey

It is on the corner of Beech and Maple
that I suddenly forget which world I am in.
It is the sight of the flatbed truck that does it,

the truck that carts three stone tombs.
Encrusted with glittering gems,
each tomb is large enough to fit a family.

A man in a suitcoat waltzes towards me,
shifting a Slinky from hand to hand.      
I desire eye contact. I long to ask,
Is this the first time I am meeting you? Or the last?

The trash-pile on the curbstone:
violet and white polyester yarn, in the shape

of what could be an afghan.
Nightstand splattered with drops

of red sealing wax. Cookbooks, a tidy stack,
sticky covers of cornflowered contact paper.
A very short cane. The scent of pineapple juice.

A woman eight months pregnant sighs
herself up the stairs of her duplex. Ten million nine hundred

forty-nine thousand one hundred and thirty five babies
will be born before hers comes wailing into this world.


A styrofoam cup rimmed with magenta lipstick

has settled on top of the olive green metal box

that jails the days newspapers.
Headline: woman collapses and dies
upon learning son was killed in the war.

Parked car, sideview mirror, a glimpse
then it’s gone, of a profile.
Cameo perfect. She must be seventeen.
Seventeen-year-olds are always exquisite.

The suit-coated man with the Slinky
steps through my square of the sidewalk.
Is this the first time I am meeting you?
Or the last?

© 2010 Lisa Hickey

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Posted 14 Years Ago

I loved the degree of filigree. Fascinating poem in every way possible.

Posted 14 Years Ago

oh, you are too clever for any one man...I'm sure two weeks later they grab their slinky ways and head for the sunset...

Posted 14 Years Ago

A very good discriptive poem, emitting all the happens around you. Very good work and be sure to keep an eye on the man with the slinky. Your friend Lynn

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on February 28, 2010
Last Updated on February 28, 2010


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Lisa Hickey

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