Glass Box

Glass Box

A Poem by Stephanie Elizabeth

Seeing the beauty in life is both a gorgeous gift and a isolating plague. Sometimes, it's too much! This is a spur of the moment poem about being in a beautiful "Glass Box" written in free verse.

I am trapped inside a glass box. 
My hands press against the warm walls but do not
beg for an exit. 

I am in awe
because the sun's rays do reflect against the clear, prismatic panes 
and shower me in radiance that 
alights crisp autumn skies with blossoming mirages. 

The beating of creativity is
like a butterfly's wing. 

My eyes widen at those that pass by. 
Do they notice what I notice? 
Do they of a different caliber not see the striking definition,
the celebrated splendor, 
or the rupturing colors that reside within the mundane? 

No, I do not
think so. 

This glass box is also my curse, 
condemning me to isolation that you "sort of"
I do not hold it against you. 

Segregation, it does not hurt, but please: 
Hold my hand. 
Stroke my hair. 
Be my friend. 
Place your lips upon my forehead. 
"It'll be alright." 

Diverge into another topic. 

I'll seem odd at first, an echoed voice 
speaking from within my crystal prison, 
but you will 
hear me

And you will 
smile at me. 

I will return the favor, of course. 
My lips will curl and stretch wide like elastic

I will laugh from inside my glass box. 

Isolation vanishes when silicone balloons and encompasses all. 
More air to breath, more sights to see, and the colors 
The mystic seeps back into the grey like an infection. 
A dark cloak lifts,
replacing itself with iridescence. 

Words stream into my mind in single file. 
An unstoppable river of innovation swirls within the glass. 
This time more orderly. 


I am in love.
(Ink flows.) 
I am singing. 
(Pencil to paper.) 
I am shouting for joy, dancing on walkways. 
(Hear the tune.) 
And nothing will stop me. 

© 2013 Stephanie Elizabeth

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Author's Note

Stephanie Elizabeth
These are my inner thoughts in free verse! Didn't write for my teacher, so... Will not be perfect! Constructive comments please! :)

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Added on January 23, 2013
Last Updated on January 24, 2013
Tags: glass, box, feel, awe, colors, create, creativity, isolation, beauty, life, trapped, happy, end, friend, smile, sky, walls