A Poem by Little Birdie

Ruins are a small word to describe what he left of me.

He predestined his revenge
before I was born.

Orchestrated it so
that every path I took would bring me to him,
directed by a hand from beyond the depths,
he kept drinking rage like hard liquor
bottoms up.

Saw the name written in the tresses of my hair,
in creases beneath my eyes,

knew the ring of my accent long before we spoke,
knew the taste of my lips before he
stole my first kiss,

before he began punishing me
for sins of others.

Bought voices of those who protected me
and turned me against them
made it so

that every street was alight with stars
so I wouldn't focus on the darkness
behind them.

He smiled so I wouldn't see
the poison in his eyes,

infected my every memory so I could
only feel betrayal,
crushed my moral compass beneath
the soles of his boots.

Ruins are a small word to describe what he left of me.

And when he was done
he took the years with him.
Smirked so I wouldn't see
the love in his eyes.

Left me so
I couldn't forget how his lips
burned my neck slowly,

and years after
I still see the blue skies over Bosphorus

and the sea water gently breaking waves,
hoping to shape the mountains
into the jewels it has always dreamed of.

© 2014 Little Birdie

Author's Note

Little Birdie
Savaş ['sa:va:ʃ] - masculine given name of Turkish origin meaning war.

Despite possible confusion, the poem does not address, describe nor insinuate rape in any way.

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This is melancholy and beautiful at the same time. It's ashamed when there is a victim of any kind of abuse stays around to continue living in it because they are allowing themselves to be dissected and damaged piece by piece they are a roller coaster not knowing from one day to the next how long the abuser will stay sorry for their actions. It's is a downhill situation all the way around. However this may not be the correct interpretation but it was an excellent read and the language used is superb.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Little Birdie

6 Years Ago

Thank you very much! Your interpretation is very close to truth :) it's a shame that victims stick a.. read more
I cannot imagine being born into a situation that was, violence and destruction where no just an alternative, but the norm. Your land has seen atrocities of incomparable horror. I am so sorry.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Little Birdie

6 Years Ago

If you're referring to Croatia, my country of birth, I had luck to be born in the post-war years. Th.. read more
Cory Barrett

6 Years Ago

I was indeed speaking of croatia, and the violence that occurred. Well i am happy that i was wrong!

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Added on August 14, 2014
Last Updated on August 14, 2014
Tags: love, revenge, hatred, relationships


Little Birdie
Little Birdie

Rijeka, Croatia

I'm a weird little bird, and sometimes, I write. more..

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A Poem by Little Birdie

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