True Story

True Story

A Poem by Amber "Victoriomantic" Hart

This poem was the product of guilt and insomnia. And yes, it is a true story.


My bed feels lonely

Why is it filled with one person only?

My bed feels cold

Why aren’t you here for me to hold?


I toss and turn; I can’t sleep tonight

This is what it feels like, this is true guilt

How can I sleep unless I know you’re alright?

Have I effectively stopped the rose’s wilt?


(Through the happiness you bring

I know that nothing bad can happen)


I lay in the quiet, imagine you’re there

Listening to your breathing as you dream

Fingertips stroking your flowing brown hair

Joyful tears tracing a brand new stream


I think of how lucky I truly am

Your form is so peaceful, sleeping safe and sound

More tears are now breaking the dam

My arms wrapped around you to give you no frown


(Through the comfort you bring

I know that I have security)


I’ve done an injustice and for that I’m so sorry

My heart swells with love and with pride

I only hope you can forgive my folly

I want to be your sweet dream’s guide


I have someone so pure and so kind

Yet sometimes I do not seem fair

You’re more of a treasure than I ever thought to find

Know I always embrace you with a true lover’s stare


(Through the inspiration you bring

I know I can be anything)


Fingers tracing miniature patterns on your face

Feeling your chest rise and fall

You’ll never let me spiral from grace

You help me stand out, stand strong and so tall



In my arms I’m holding all that is right

Sometimes it seems as though the work is so dark

Yet you glow with bright shining light;

You make my song sweeter than that of the lark


You give my heart so much reason to be proud

You provide my reasons to smile

I’d notice your shadow in any crowd

And be supporting you there all the while


(Through the beauty you bring

I know I can appreciate life)


I know that in reality you’re not there

But for a sweet moment it feels like you are

The words I whisper to you are just to thin air

But then no distance between us is far


Because I’m always here for you

Our bond cannot be broken

I’ll be here through and through

And in your heart you always carry my token


(Through the consideration you bring

I know the world is not such a bad place)


Although I’m not physically by your side

Unable to bestow the soft kiss you deserve

You know you have my love, no gap is too wide

The power you give me in every nerve


I want to protect your sleep from fright

Every moment I look at you, I learn more appeal

Because of you, I took my first flight

I can’t wait for the imagined to be real


(Through the love that you bring

I know that I was born for you)


I send some wonderful wishes your way

You should always feel my loving care

You know by your side is where I’ll always stay

Even if I’m not actually there


But I’m hoping that now, while you’re in bed

You’re dreaming of the dance I have led

© 2010 Amber "Victoriomantic" Hart

Author's Note

Amber "Victoriomantic" Hart
We had to write some performance poetry for my creative writing class. It had to contain repetition, rhyme and rhythm. I struggled to find something to write about, until I was filled with guilt-induced insomnia after an argument with my beloved. This was the product of both of these issues. And for anyone interested, my boyfriend and I are fine now, so no worries.

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really feels like this came from an emotional place and from personal feelings. I really enjoyed this and found it interesting from start to finish, I look forward to reading more of your work and fine your writing intriguing

Posted 5 Years Ago

I can feel your emotions here...
the best part of your writing is that you write from your heart...
most people have trouble using that...
i can feel that this is a true story...perfectly written:)
Keep writing!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Amber "Victoriomantic" Hart

9 Years Ago

Thank you so much! I'm very honoured to get such high praise. And I'm glad it's clear that this came.. read more

9 Years Ago

lovingly written from the heart...I love the reference to the way his hair feels and shines and it is one thing you can tie your dreams to his dreams...loved reading it!

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is great, the raw emotion spread throughout; it showed the heartbreak in your words, and the longing in your heart. I think inspirations from true events make some of the best expressions.

Nice Work!

Posted 11 Years Ago

The poem is beautiful and you told a story of love. Love don't die. Just fate away waiting for a rebirth. The poem description and detail made this a poem a pleasure to be able to read. Thank you. A outstanding poem.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Amber "Victoriomantic" Hart
Amber "Victoriomantic" Hart

United Kingdom

Hi everyone. My name is Amber JS Hart, and I am 20 years old. I live in England, and am studying for a psychology degree at the University of Surrey. I am also a Youth Worker for young people with mi.. more..


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