Last White Bear?

Last White Bear?

A Poem by LonelySoul


Got a Minute?
I was Startled to see the Pure White nose of this Bear.
After making my igloo and getting my furs where they made a good bed for the Sleep,
my peaceful silence was shattered by this nose poking into my front(and Only) door...
My day had already been a long one,hunting Seal on the pack ice,
and my meats were hung to freeze dry in the blowing winds of this Arctic day...
This Mother of White Bears just had to send me a message tonight,
and I thought I was already dreaming...but only too real for me...
Setting up to listen to her,my thoughts were about my White Wolf  friend.
I was catching all of her words as she spoke,in animal poetry of course...
She said...
Please Listen to me,man called LonelySoul,
we know of your heart,we know of your goal,
our ice is melting of it's precious flow,
something more,you needed to know...
we are almost beat,
we are on the retreat,
our lives are getting shorter each day,
just too much heat,
we are almost beat,
searching for food and a better way...
Some getting stranded,
others never landed,
o'er the waves and pounding shore,
We lost at all cost,
but what was the cause,
Drilling for Oil more and more?
Global warming is starving us,
politicians just sit and fuss,
nothing gets done to help any of us,
nothing gets done,so we should now cuss?

SheBear went on like this for an hour,
I felt her pains and felt her power,
I'm sorry for her and those of her kind,
I just can't get them off of my mind,
The White Wolf sends me all of my dreams,
so too, he sent this one it seems...
this message to me is Loud and Clear,
Global Warming is Real I fear,
some won't see it they think it's a Faze,
it's is only the Earth,making  better days,
for the White Bear who lives in the North,
thanx for your time and showing your worth,
I'll do all I can but I'm only one man,
and I've seen the melting of Polar Ice,
Pollution and more,but the worse is the War...
yup...We think Peace would be Nice...

When I awoke that morning all I could see, was nothing but White Ice and Snow.
A slight imprint where the Bear had been,so I knew it was time to go...
to the land of man to give them this word,to let them know that yes,I've heard.
Packing my things with my notes in hand,will she be the Last White Bear to Stand?
Michael "LonelySoul"

© 2009 LonelySoul

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Bernice, LA


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