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Ride With Me

Ride With Me

A Poem by LoveAlwaysJB

Journey on the open road.


                         Her eyes glistened like wind chimes in the summer breeze

His cologne still vaporizing inside her nostrils 

                                               but he was long gone

Pyramids everywhere - hot distress stuck in the midst of nowhere

          Yet to him it was somewhere

 A place he promised her like heaven 

                                 Heaven is beauty? Oh yes he promised her beauty

Sandstorms in the distance ready to take her away

                                 because she lost the best man she knew

 Lost him to his indulgence, n lost him to the world

          Echoes of wind swept sand crackles in her eardrums. 

Even dandelions n weeds brushing away on her somber body as she laid there 

                     Mourning the ambiguous death of her rider

 Her rider to the end, and now he’s a ghost rider 

                                             hidden in the shadows. 

“Ruff Rider" she screams 

               Why do I live this way? (hey must be the money)

 Lyrics that these two riders pledged their Allegiance to 

                             4 years back in the howls of teenage misery. 

Oh all she can hear now are the crickets chirping 

                                           whispers mocking her

Telling her.. 

             But all his jests were cruel, and his smiles were false

                                                                like the man who laughs

             Now all she can do is wait deserted in this desert alone, n brave

Waiting like the North Star that also waits to be spotted by his brown eyes

To bring him home in the indigo night

                                and to bring him riding back to her like always.

© 2013 LoveAlwaysJB

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Yeah, it's "Vigorous!" Life's packed with love, as we grow with the time learn the meaning of life, the depth of love, the purity's of angels with whom the heart goes fly high up in the sky. Love's variable but it's feelings're static for loved ones... love gives happiness, makes blush on the angel's faces, raise the heart... makes it beat fast, makes the life beautiful living but sometimes or most of the time, love hurts n makes the live painful living either because this's a meaning of life where happiness n sadness both come and the combination of these two elements balance the nature, the life where we living...

Because, love has it's own world living far from this stupid bad world of bad people. I've figured out one more thing about your heart that you've really got a pretty nice n a beautiful heart because you know or you've the sense of love, you've the sense, the feelings of true-love. I've read many writer's stuffs over the web especially on this cafe's site and I see that few writers've very bad thinking about love so, I first read writer's profile before reading their stuffs and am sure even am the hell yeah sure that this time I haven't made a mistake to have some shines of a a diamond alias to read the stuffs of an angel that writes from the depth of the heart .... your heart's what that telling me that your passed through much pain and now you want to get some relief from this pain and "Prince" just loves seeing you happy away from pain!" Cause your onself a "cold-rain!" and I hate those guys who hurt you and spoils your beautiful name!" so, forget the stupid kings of the world, all prince are with you to have you into the arms of flowers so that you could live life peacefully without worrying of any kinda problems and prince never let the pain stay around angels! :)

You know what, "Love has actually some powers to keep the hearts together n the souls as one to be called one!" And the "love's immortal!" Love has many forms to make's just all on us how we make love and what kinda love we want to.... because "We're proverbial born lovers or born with love. When we come in the life, we don't know about love but when we live the life ..we learn more about love and the most important thing about love's that "if we treat the love right, everything'd be allright but if not then we could be sit in and walk along the darker side!"


Yeah, it's a great write! Keep on!
I love reading your stuffs! Your cool!
"This's exactly the poem that's based on love-time in the Indigo-life!"

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on July 31, 2013
Last Updated on August 2, 2013
Tags: The Man Who Laughs, Ride, Rider, Easy Rider, Motorcycle, pyramids, desert, stars, biker, summer, heaven, journey, wind, sand, nature, dandelions




Hi, I'm Jassi, I have always been drawn to the darker side of things. Anyway my writing comes from experience because without it.... imagination can make you insane if it is containe.. more..