Storm of Poseidon

Storm of Poseidon

A Poem by Brian

This just flowed from my fingertips in one sitting though I am not sure if it's more prose than poetry, but such is inspiration. Rarely does it fit a format, but rather it simply fits you..

And sometimes the inspiration comes from setting your course without a target in sight but rather in mind..

Storm of Poseidon

If I were as lithe as the ocean, and my churning waves were collapsing upon your stellar frame, would you collapse with me upon the shore?

Allow me to roll you forward, backward, and fully against my tidal disposition.

I lay here rumbling beneath the black canopy of the moonlight, and I allow your vessel to course across me, over me, and sometimes straight through me.

You look skyward, seeing motes of cosmic light splashing, crashing, and exploding so far off in the distance that you might through their brilliance somehow find your way.

You are the perfection of the moment, a stellar cartographer, and the greatest unrequited love that I might ever charter.

Let me envelop you within the high seas of my desperate caress.

I want you to sail straight and true, an arrow notched and locked and released.

Piercing me clean through.

You own my heart, all the vessels, my lustful capillaries.

Your body is beyond description, and I kiss endlessly the bow of your chest, the hull of your breast, and the mast of your saccharine crest.

I have known so many lovers, so many wonders, and yet you are beyond their scope.

Beyond my hands, as if Poseidon himself might launch his trident to bring you under.

Tear you asunder.

Even the Gods of my realm cannot touch you.

And yet here I am, right next to you, so far from you, and so very much wanting to be next to you. Always laying in the depths, and always lying to myself.

Sink your siren song into my coral shell, and serenade me with your wonders. If I were a shark I would devour your blood as if it were the flushed crimson symbol of my passion for the pursuit of you.

I would smell you, taste you, and chase you.. forever wanting to leave my marks upon your supple, porcelain reef.

Do you hear me in the watchtower?

Do you spot me in the lighthouse?

Do you signal for me with your hourglass eyes and your bonfire strands of hair?

Emeralds and sapphires, gold bouillon, silver bars, and chests full of coinage lay within my stretching reach.

And yet it is this soft heart, wildfire flare, and locks of love that leave me naked and bare.



And singing your sweet melody in unison.

You are the song of night, the best of what is just and right, and the very center of my storm.

You are the hurricane tearing across my gulf, and I crave only to be your destination.

Staring down the coil of your swarm.

Dead set and so far from it, I want to be the only thing left in your eye.

Without category, without quest, and without regret you are my muse.

And I am your ocean.

Within your sight, darling, well, you are the treasure I long for and cherish.

And when it comes to you, my love.

I am sunk.


© Brian Milici
July 27, 2015

© 2015 Brian

Author's Note

Feedback adored! :)

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I feel like I can see the message in the poem. It's so sweet and rhythmic and vivid. I love it!!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Wonderful comparisons and metaphors with my favorite subject the sea and water.
The storm is a great metaphor for captured love and desire.
I love it.
I think this is narrative poetry that brings these colorful and amazing scenes to life.
Do you read William Blake...? The Tyger is wonderful.
The opening:
"Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand, dare seize the fire?"
You have the enchantment here in your words....or you could chant it and it could be oral poetry.
It could be a magic spell with emotions...
The poem is quite charming with its dreamlike qualities and show of admiration.
Your imaginary tends to become real towards the end because you drove your point all the way through with your captured emotion. It hypnotizes your audience with your devotion to descriptions.
Well done~ :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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