The Assassin

The Assassin

A Story by Tyler and Lozza

I wrote this when I was 12 have a look and comment ;)

   The sky held thick black clouds threatening to rain heavily.The figure stood against a wall coated in slick, spongy, moss. Shadows masked his features, darkness falling over his face, eyes, as green as a thousand crushed Emeralds burned with hatred. His eyes were fixed in an unwavering stare. As the clouds rained upon the earth, A mikado yellow beetle scurried over his boot. Only then did he tear his eyes from the intent stare for mere seconds to glance at the bug. He heard vicious screeches; cats scrapping in the street. He inclined his head to the left and watched the cats brawl. One had obviously been fighting alot as he had various sized chunks missing from its tail and nose; He grinned. He remembered his brief and he nudges aside the lapell of his cloak and revealed two pistols in holsters on his leg. The heavy metallic barrel of the gun flashed in the light as he removed it from the holster. He fingered the trigger on the pistol as he replaced the gun to the safety of the holster. His hand stroked the hilt of his Katana sword impatiently  he sighed in annoyance as He waited for his victim to arrive. 
   The house was wide and tall with at least 3 floors. A slim oak door situated in the centre of the house had a large metal knocker. Circular windows Gave very little view into the house. It was not the nicest of houses with the paint peeling, moss on the wall around the perimeter of the house. The assassin tapped his foot annoyed, he looked around and saw an old man walking with a zimmerframe shuffling by painfully slow and gave the cloaked figure a look of puzzlement and disgust.
    He pressed his back to the wall and threw the side of his cloack over the sheathed sword as a jet black Bmw drove into the house's allotted parking space. A man wearing a suit, so red it looked like blood, got out and sprinted to the front door with his suit case over head. A quiet jingling of keys was heard over the torrent of rain as he fumbled at the lock. Finally he turned the key and stepped in shutting the door quickly behind him. The figure didn’t want to take any chances. He has a job to do, a paid job. He walked round the back of the house and quietly opened  the door and softly closed it behind himhe realised the house had been  left unlocked. Easy.

© 2012 Tyler and Lozza

Author's Note

Tyler and Lozza
I wrote this when I was 12, look and comment please - Tyler :)

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Added on January 24, 2012
Last Updated on August 11, 2012
Tags: Assassination


Tyler and Lozza
Tyler and Lozza

Portsmouth :D, United Kingdom

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