The creature known as Gile

The creature known as Gile

A Poem by Logan Turner

Just a interesting poem. Tried to give it a bit of moral meaning. Please comment!!!!


 With eyes that gleam,

And teeth that bit,

He is Gile of the River Twist,


His head is shriveled

His brow is furrowed,


And he stands as bold as brass,


Among the trees that snap

and the reeds that snare,

He lurks without fear of death,


For no defy,

And no stand up,

To the creature known as Gile,


He has slept many nights,

and seen many moons,

but never a creature to spite,


Within every day he finds no might,

nor even a flicker of fright,


To him this is hell of the fiery sort,

for never has he known such boredom,


He was meant to fight,

To show off his vigor,

Yet none opposed this awesome figure,


But then one night on the River Twist,

among the reeds that snare

and the trees that snap,


The creature known as Gile,

had found his final match,


With a nose that twitched

and feet that scampered,

what was this creature to him,


it spook in a feather voice,

and told him to follow close,

for if he was to find the ultimate challenge,

he only needed the path,


And so the creature known as Gile,

hastened the tiny thing forth,


they tracked many miles

through ferocious forest,

and glorious glades


Finally the twittering creature,

who lead the speeded chase

stopped in front and turned to face

the creature known as Gile,


It spook no more in feathered tones,

but of an old wised soul,


you have come very far

never have faulted,

here you stand ready for battle,

you eyes are wide,

but have seen nothing yet


The creature known as Gile,

spook then through snarled tooth


if you have brought me here

without any fight to be had,

than I swear you shall pay,

I have no need for rest

and no mind for wait,

NOW where is my foe!


The tiny creature looked up,

and continued bemused,


you have already found it,

your first battle to be won,

you are here my friend,

for you have lost the way,

find yourself,

learn peace,

and once you have I shall return,

to show your way free,


With that the tiny creature left,

bounding through and through,

over wood and stone,


The creature known as Gile was left,


shaking his head in anger,

he turned and paced,


No longer was he near the River Twist,

Where the trees snap

and the reeds bind,


Peaceful was this place he lurked,

where the trees blew soft

and the reeds lived still,


And he wondered for an instant,

if he to be given the chance,

would he,

the creature known as Gile,


Ever want to return to the River Twist 

© 2009 Logan Turner

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Wow! Really great. Rhymes well and the story sucks you in. It also remembered me of a funny old Czech song with a monster from marshes.
As Nicole said it would also be a nice short story. If you adapt it into story please send me a link.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Cool story! Very awesome to read and picture such images you describe. You should make this into a child's book. Awesome poem!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on March 25, 2009