oh, god.

oh, god.

A Poem by Ms. Starr

there's something i forgot to tell you,
something i dispersed and buried deep within my heart.
i tucked it 
under the floorboards that creak
and planted it 
with the wallflowers that bloom 
above your bed. 
you were so beautiful.
you caught me in your
butterfly-net leggings,
dripping nectar from your
honey cone eyes.
with your dying flower petal 
skin and broken stem voice,
oh, god, you are so beautiful. 
you smudged magic across your lips
with coal from the fire 
in your throat
and cast a salty spell on 
my confiding tongue. 
you showered the lining of my skin
with kisses,
your fingers left traces of glitter
in my hair,
where i could always smell you.
the sun in your voice 
left secrets
on my darkened skin.
i can feel 
your silent fingers playing 
lullabies down the keys
of my spine, 
oh, darling, 
i can feel your amber eyes
abiding me to your
encasing arms
you were my sweetest melancholy
but oh, you would not 
be loved.
i kissed the dew from 
your heavy lashes, 
but when the sun
rose, you always had
stars in your eyes. 
you pulled me to the horizon
dimming behind your hands,
and i had the inclination 
to dissolve 
into the light
between your outstretched fingers.
but oh, god,
you washed out my mind 
with one wave of your 
secretive tongue,
you woke me with one 
snap of your teeth 
and i watched you 
swallow the key
to the shackles 
sorrowing your heart
all because you would not
be loved.
you came 
and went like a spark.
the shape of your lips was
scorched onto my skin;
on the thorns growing around the bed post,
i cursed your name and began 
to shake 
because i couldn't
feel you 
your absence pressed a weight on my tongue, 
bitter from the 
iron kisses you scarred 
on my wrist,
you'd left the empty cavern of
my chest, 
setting fire to the
bridge structure of 
my ribs and 
i began to break down
every moment of silence
there's something i forgot to tell you.

© 2012 Ms. Starr

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Very interesting poem! The quick nature of it really takes the reader for a ride

Posted 10 Years Ago


really gripping and moving piece. i love how you broke up the lines... it's so beautiful asdlkfjd you're so great

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Ms. Starr
Ms. Starr


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