A Poem by Aurora

Headaches are horribly painful since I was 11... 6years I have survived them...don't know how long to bear the pain.


It's an earthquake going on in my head, it pains like hell,

And there's no way anyone can stop it before I go insane,

Light blinds my eyes and the pain stabs a knife straight into a half of my skull,

It feels as if a brain hemorrhage that doesn't bleeds exactly.

And then I can barely stand on my feet straight, not even enough strength to wobble.

Just then clash on the spot, no matter on what I am going to collapse.

Thousands of inexplicable thoughts

Rush through my brain at the speed of light.

I can never seem to translate

The thoughts to words

Or the words to meaning

Or the meaning to reason.

Body jerks and vibrate,

Body and mind go separate,

My head feel as if it would crack

Don't dare to touch me at the tender moment,

I will bleed your nose otherwise,

Just give me a little space to get up again,

To survive the evil pain.

Please don't expect me to tell you what happened,

I haven't yet explained it to myself.

I am much weak after I vomit and can't breathe,

I shall be glad to be left like that unnoticed.

It hammers my head in ever two weeks,

Making me depressed and enough sick

To feel like I am almost paralysed on my bed of boredom and weakness,

Painkillers worsened them and made it more dreaded since I took them,

So I got peppermints and sleeping pills that won't let me sleep on other days,

And then some normal days with sleeplessness, late night studies,

Half night hard work and a less than three hours sleep.

I know I have it from generations,

It's severe and tragically Chronic,

I have to swallow the drugs into my body,

So that I can be saved from being insane in front of everybody,

Even though I know those pills are rotting me.

© 2019 Aurora

Author's Note

That's true I got migraine at 11... so young to bear but I am still alive, Thank God!
Hoping for a comment from my dear readers.

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very hard, my mom gets them. The poem was good but not super rhythmic.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Migraines are the pits. My dear departed Dad used to get them and he was left quite incapacitated afterwards, even once the pain had gone. Darkened rooms, fork lightning and thunder for him and severe pain. Sorry you are so inflicted. Some people do grow out of them, and you are young. You expressed your feelings and described what happens when you are under attack well.

All good wishes


Posted 2 Years Ago

well i am so sorry,i have never had a headache,but i know the pain is unbearable

Posted 2 Years Ago

It breaks my heart to think of you, my favorite young writer of positive messages, to be going thru this. I had an office-mate for years who had migraines, missed work at least one day per week, took too many pain drugs at the same time & kinda went crazy. Being a pain sufferer myself (fibromyalgia), I know how the never-ending torture can make a person feel like doing something crazy or even regrettable. I'm proud of you for how strong you are, to deal with this at a young age. I hope this can be relieved someday. Thank you for sharing a very vivid experience as if we were right there with you, feeling you go thru this (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 2 Years Ago

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