Scraping fresh wounds

Scraping fresh wounds

A Poem by Aurora (MC)

Beware when you read it. It's enough dark to make you wild and angry as a beast.


Don't scrape my fresh wounds like a hellhound,
I'm a fallen angel of broken wings and fainting death,
A stinking rotting odor of blood and flesh on my rotting bones,
I'm a venomous fang, I'll kill you.
I'll tear you up from the chest, crush our ribs 
And grotesque your heart under my clenched gnarled fist,
Rinse me in your blood.

I'll drink the sins in wonder of hate,
Under the savagery of my beast soar scream.

I'll burn the wings of fire,
Flicker my joy in the sinful air,
On the plane pale, I'll play the rain in blood,
My throat choked in soot 
I'll wander under the fire and wait my thirst to cause drought
Wrench the lands of life,
Gallop all in my hateful eyes
And make a dark world where I'd want to hear writhe,
Screams and cries.

Songs of melancholy overseas should reach,
Elegies must be burned into ember like my innocent heart was once,

Don't leave me on loath,
It's my turn to be an evil destroyer,
An uncontrolled monsterous creature,
On the lead to pave for hell and end peace on slits of sin,
Make me that or I'll end up here
Just as a human or a fallen angel.

It's that insanity caged me in it's fist of innocence,
But I don't want to stay anymore.

Don't scrape on my fresh wounds,
I'll fill you with venom of my hate and pain,
And the aches would be terrible to survive,
Don't make me the fallen angel again!

© 2019 Aurora (MC)

Author's Note

Aurora (MC)
It was hard to write, but I can't stop when I'm left with words only.

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When I read something like this from you, my amazing friend, I know some of it (or all of it) is based on the realities you face in your young life. Yet, I don't want to always respond to you as if everything you write is evidence of your brokenness. As I've told you many times, I feel you are far from broken . . . when you spill like this, I feel you're quite strong & in control of what's tormenting you. I would've given anything to be able to express my rage as well as this, back when I was filled with it. This poem feels like how I understand "cutting" to be . . . a bloodletting for some of what's built up inside a person. I was asking myself, why always blood imagery? death imagery? I know the death imagery becuz of my own lifelong experience of feeling suicidal. But when I think about the blood imagery you use, it's almost as if you're letting your blood spill on the page this way, as a means to release some of the pressure. I could be wrong. Forgive me if I'm speaking out of my a*s! *wink! wink!* Fondly, Margie

Posted 4 Weeks Ago

wo ,,get behind me mr poe,anger is harmful

Posted 4 Weeks Ago

You're killing yourself by giving in to anger. This will only ever hurt you. You may need to realize that giving up will only take away what chances you have. If you want to be angry, let it fuel you to prove your resilence, rather than wittle away at you. Show that you are capable of building yourself up, rather than tearing something down.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Aurora (MC)

1 Month Ago

But what if I've already chose to tear things down and not to build up again. Somethings should end .. read more

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Aurora (MC)
Aurora (MC)

Hello!...This is a sweet little troublesome girl... I am a young artist and I love reading and writing. I am something like addicted to books. I have a silly habit, that is I sleep with a book in m.. more..

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