Trapped  Between Myself and A Hard Place

Trapped Between Myself and A Hard Place

A Poem by MzIzzy

This poem was written by me in 1998. It depicts the life I had been living prior to and up to the time I realized I had been trapped by my own choices and needed to break free.




Reflections from my past taunting me

No where to run, I’m stuck

Trapped in a world of corruption

Tell me is there a way out

Trying to escape this living hell

I’m falling deeper into this endless pit of darkness

Rage in my blood, fire in my heart

Trying to move on, I keep going in circles

Losing myself in this sphere

What can I do, looking to God praying for the answer

My minds twisted, my soul damned

Lift this burden that’s got me trapped

I’m visioning a day I can be free

No pressures ruling my life

No feelings of guilt from my trespasses

A day when my mind, body and soul can have some peace

I can’t resist the temptations in my path

Luring me into a state of self-destruction

Everything around me is crumbling

It’s hard to hold on, I’m lost

Trapped between myself and a hard place.


I’m suffering in this prison I’ve built

Telling myself I’ll survive all along I’m breaking down

Distant, violated and abused, how much more can I stand

Dealing with the perils of imperfection

My words say I do when my conscience says I don’t

There’s no love in a place of dissatisfaction

Falsified happiness an illusion displayed by me

Slowly dying in the meantime

Moral obligation or fear, which makes me stay

Lord hear my plea

I’m drowning in grief I have no clue

My heart is cold, will I ever love again

There’s no hope it seems there’s no future

Constant storms are uprooting my home

The tide is too high

Trapped between myself and a hard place

Surviving the game of life, living with no limits

I’m my own worse enemy, How can I break this cycle

What choices do I have in a place full of deceit?

Generations of lost souls lingering in the shadows

Murder, starvation and undermined manipulations

Brought up in a society where the days are nights

Fighting to exist beyond the obvious

 My mentality is deep and complex

Chasing dreams, when will it end?

Trapped between myself and a hard place


Marqueta (1998)


© 2010 MzIzzy

Author's Note

I am new to posting so please ignore any formatting errors. I am sure I will get better at this. lol. Enjoy. Please feel free to respond in any case.

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That was quite a poem! I loved it! It was brilliant and mind blowing! I could really, truly feel the emotion that you put into this poem! It was very powerful and moving! I really enjoyed reading this poem! It was a wonderful read! :D

Posted 13 Years Ago

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AWESOME..i so felt this....if I didnt know better I would have thought I wrote it. I'm so glad you're getting your work out

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on February 20, 2010
Last Updated on February 21, 2010
Tags: life, perils, imperfection




Hi, I am Marqueta but my friends call me MzIzzy--long story! My love for writing began when I was a young child. I still have many of my journals from my childhood. Poetry is one of my greatest pass.. more..