Watch Out

Watch Out

A Story by Madeleine Rose

Our story begins with Olivia, who always forgot her glasses, so she could never see. Then there was Jacob, who was like this emo anime dude, who wore his hair over his eyes. There was Ray, who wasn’t scared of anything, so he never checked in his closet or under his bed. And then there is you, too preoccupied with your computer screen to look behind you.

You are on your blog, pretending to be cool. However, we both know you are a social outcast in real life. I remember, just a month ago I was like that too. No life, and it was killing me. Nobody knew me, and I knew I’d never make an impact on the world. I had to find something to do with my pathetic life.

I had always tried to be good. No one noticed me that way. I soon realized though, when I did bad things, I got attention. I started out with beating kids up for their money, and stealing, and then finally… killing. This got people to pay attention. Everyone knows my name now. Everyone knows my face. I have everything I ever wanted and I love it.

I inch closer to you. My fourth victim. You don’t know me personally, but I sure as hell know you. I’m that kid from Tumblr that you told had no life and should just kill myself. I have been watching you, waiting for the right time to sneak up on you. I know everything you do.

Ah. You should turn around, silly girl. Your life is at stake. Is that video more important than your life?

I walk a few feet, making as little noise as possible. I have been doing this to you every night for the last week. Now, it’s finally time for you to die.
I stifle some laughter. This is easy. Everyone else noticed me by this point and had tried to defend themselves. Hahaha. I can’t wait to see your face as you recognize me.

I walk forward a few steps. It’s time for you to notice me. I take a deep breath and laugh. I laugh at everything that ever happened to me. I laugh at your patheticness. I laugh at everything.

You turn around, with your mouth hanging open, probably thinking I’m one of your siblings. Then you see my pale face, stained with dust and blood. Your face then pales. You recognize me. The kid who killed three teenagers, supposedly out of cold blood. It’s been on the news for the last couple weeks.

Then, to my surprise, before I can advance any further, you start laughing too. For a moment, I’m who I used to be, and am scared. Then, that moment is gone.

“Why do you laugh? You are about to die,” I breath.

You look up at me, with a smile on your face.

“I just can’t believe you’re here, in my own house. You’re probably just killing me ‘cause I didn’t understand you’ or some crap like that,” She laughs, “But… I think I do understand you. I have been planning on killing my family.”

I step forward, once again laughing. She isn’t so pathetic after all. I extend my hand, formally.

“Maybe we can both kill them,” I say.

My last shreds of humanity tells me that I need this girl. We can be a team. And more can get done with our two broken minds.

She reaches for my hand and shakes it. Then, as if by some unspoken agreement, we sneak into her parents room, where they are fast asleep. I pad over to her mom, and brush her forehead. This wake her up, and she lays there, her face lined in terror.
I smile and kiss her goodnight. Then, I reach into my pocket and raise it up and stab it into her chest. Warm, sticky blood goes everywhere. I laugh and smear it on my face. I plunge the knife into her some more. Finally, I notice she has died.

I walk over to you, my new partner and hand you the knife. Somehow, your father slept through the entire ordeal. You walk over and repeat the process.

We embrace, getting the red goop all over us. It doesn’t matter. We abscond out the back door and into the woods, where we will rest until the next night, and repeat the cycle over.
There will be two faces on the news soon, and we will be out hunting for the ones who have wronged us. Remember to always watch for me. If you see me, I will spare you for you are intelligent. Remember, I am always watching you, and always think to do the same with me.

© 2016 Madeleine Rose

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Added on June 14, 2016
Last Updated on June 14, 2016


Madeleine Rose
Madeleine Rose

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