A Growing Problem! Can it be stopped?

A Growing Problem! Can it be stopped?

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An article about autism.


Have you ever heard of autism?

Autism is a mental disorder the makes a person do things a regular person wouldn't. Most of these things are deadly.

In 2003, the chance that a person would be born with autism was 1 out of 500. Back then, autism was just a small problem. But now, in 2012, not even 10 years later, the chance that somebody would have autism was dropped dramatically to 1 out of 88. In 12 years from now, the chance that people will have of being born autistic is suspected to be 1 out of 22.

The scientists have the numbers, but do they know what even causes autism?
Some scientists think that autism is genetic, when all facts are showing that it's not. It was suspected that autism could be caused by the weigth of the mother, or the age of the father, but it's all wrong.

Considering that suddenly autism has become a quick-growing problem, some people believe that it has to do with recent events, such as the amount of pollution or chemicals in the environment. Others believe it is caused by the growing population, allowing numbers to drop when the chances aren't.

Who is right? Will the problem of autism continue to grow? When will they give us answers?

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Added on June 24, 2012
Last Updated on June 24, 2012



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