I Like My OT Scrambled

I Like My OT Scrambled

A Poem by JelliFyshKissUs

How do you prefer him?

"How do you like your egg?" he asks,

Breath nothing more than celestial dust clouds

I catch in the curve off my ear

Crossing a chair between my legs

I contemplate the fog...

Strands of thick-cut bacon cackle

Over color-coated currents

That spark up fireworks behind his eyes

The aroma of his features tumble

In the divots of cogwebs

Rolling reels on my skin

Returning my afterthoughts to those infantile moments

When we'd break fast to cup sun peels

And blow pulped prisms through a candy cane straw

He kept his liquid beams behind

A sterling shell then

But still insisted I play in the mist of pulverized coffee beans

Where we sipped laughs with two creams no sugar

Ideas forming and shattering against our teeth

From placing over-toasted lightbulbs against our lips

And blowing glass particles into each other's mouths

Giggles clawing at our throats

Over a drunken dawn trying to fix a tilted halo and crooked neck flare

Never admitting the pleasures we'd gained

From those warm bourbon breaths

Tickling as they tease

"Your egg?" he asks again.

My skin dims, and my early eyes chirp

Of his brightness instead

His yolk much prettier when dribbling from his pores

I can't help but crack his beauty against the corner

Of my grin and respond,

"I prefer you scrambled."

© 2011 JelliFyshKissUs

Author's Note

An oldie but goodie I've placed back on here because OT would have a cow if I didn't. Please do not feel the need to review again unless you just feel the need to. All of the reviews that were here I still carry in my heart, so thank you to all who did so before :)

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Ha ha..breakfast will never be the same again..you are reposting these? because I am sure already reviewed..ah well..get the chance to do it all again!! lovely

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is an interesting, inventive, pleasing style that really satisfies, I feel like the author is massaging my brain as I go along, and a little slap to make sure I stay alert, enjoyed being in the cafe watching the two of them.

Posted 8 Years Ago

fantabulously giddy fare with strokes of artistic decoratives in delectable flavors~yumyumyum let's eat him up~ ;)~

Posted 8 Years Ago

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haha oh dear, return of the breakfast poems! lol I did have words with Crowley over this informing him his rules were stupid for excluding such works haha - one of my favourites from all of them!

Posted 8 Years Ago

This was a great poem. Witty and fun. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Tags: Breakfast with OT, Clumsy conversations, Surreal friendship



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