THE POPCORN MAN: WATCH ME BUTTER  Popin with a Buttery crime Greasy and oily as slime

THE POPCORN MAN: WATCH ME BUTTER Popin with a Buttery crime Greasy and oily as slime

A Poem by anthony blake



Popin with a Buttery crime

Greasy and oily as slime

A crime wave to steal ingredients throughout

A mouthwatering motion 

Across town in Poppintown, Popcorn Man and his Hitchmen are planning a precise plot

Yet, the Police will have no choice in liking or not

Within the Popcorn Clister Company, the Popcorn Man and his Hitchmen are attemptintg to steal all the production resources needed for the biggest crime wave of them all

The Popcorn Man’s quest was to steal the Crown Jewels of Great Britain at the Popin Mueum

But their plan was foiled by Batman and Robin

They confronted Popcorn Man and his Hitchmen on the spot as they had figured out their plot

A fight for justice broke out

Robin hit one of the hitchmen with a pot of hot oil in the face

Batman and Robin with all in between being Bam, Pow and Kaboom

But something was going to happen soon

Suddenly, Batman and Robin were caught by surprise and didn’t realize

They were caught in a trap in all buttered up Popcorn

How will Batman and Robin escape?

Will Popcorn Man get away with his outrageous cape?

Immediately, Batman pulls out of his utility belt an ingredient that causes everything to melt

Batman and Robin managed to escape

They must rush before it’s too late

It’s a mission to put Popcorn Man in jail with a popping finish

Popcorn Man is caught in the act, and Batman and Robin turn the tables on his hitchmen

Batman throws hot butter on the floor, and the Hitchmen just slide right into large cage

This causes Popcorn Man to respond in rage

 Popcorn man wanted to take venegeance, but Batman was too clever

Batman pushed Popcorn Man into a Large Popcorn popping Machine and Kenneled out

A crime wave solved

It was the Cape Crusader who was involved.



© 2019 anthony blake

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Added on July 5, 2019
Last Updated on July 5, 2019