A Poem by AshM

I write what I experience and it never has to be physically there, just something, like a force maybe that signals its presents, just dropping small hints. Especially in my dreams.

It perches on my shoulder, it whispers when I sleep. It plays with my hair and sings just to me. It only appears in my mind like a memory, maybe in a dream, maybe, its just all in my mind..
I see, its eyes are in the mirror it never leaves me.
It'll never leave me.
Never leave me alone, send me pictures while my eyes are closed and rest on my chest until my body awakes to meet each others gaze again. You keep me company but you never stop the thoughts, I know you'd rather be with me but I'm tired. I'm tired. I'm tired. I'm awake. I'm asleep. Don't, dont do this. I know you show honesty and with the power that it holds, it can lie to me. It will lie to me, and being alive is as confusing as lucidly walking in a dream. Help me, help me take it off. It scratches at my head when its me who's at lost for words, I control what I do...but what if I dont know what I thought I knew, what if from the beginning every ending will be new. I can see in front me it wouldnt fib, passion is what I feels when it touches my skin.. So will you show me what it's like, to finally see nothing when my eyes are shut, tight ..
I can taste the blood within your body, I'm in your veins...The only reason you still breath, the reason I can't leave. What you experience is what I've seen, find me untrustworthy....
You think I'm here uncontrolably, A guard to a prisoner in your mind.
To that, I're right.. Now these four blank walls will soon help in comforting whats keeping me alive...they say it'll clean whatever's rotting in that brain, I promise more than anything, that everything they are telling me, is a lie..
We are both sane, I will forever show you the pictures from my eye to yours, and rest on your shoulder like a bird with a serpants tongue, with your exact, same eyes. We share a voice, we beat to the same pulse, so can't you see?
I'm all we'll ever need.

© 2017 AshM

Author's Note

Its something that everyone and anyone can manifest. The mind is powerful when it's out of control, just enjoy reading. Everyone will get a different message. I'd love to hear feedback.

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Please comment I'd like to know opinions to help my writing

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on March 3, 2017
Last Updated on March 3, 2017
Tags: Scary, poem, sleep, lucid, dreams, creature, mind, psychosis, reality, fiction