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there are pain
in the depths of the soul
so strong they seem
to fall asleep
in a irreparable sleep
that certainly
will wake  you later
in the middle of the night
 in a nightmare

there are things
we cannot change
because it’s not in our power
they are forever inprinted in our minds
 when we try to delete them
they will appear again
in bold letters
 showing us clearly
that’s  impossible to forget

there are facts 
that cut the soul
making us discredit life 
shake our structures
and then we ask:
- what did I do wrong?
 the answer comes empty
like a mute echo
in a cold night

there are faces, expressions
we shall never forget
moments engraved in memory
like old movies
that replay
until sleep comes
and deletes them briefly
but the next morning
they wake up alive and in color

there are moments in our lives
 we wish we hadn’t lived
 we don’t understand why
they are cruel, they bruise
stab, hurt , stain
 we strongly feel
that something was lost in time
that our hopes fell on the ground
and our soul died a little


Mary Fioratti

© 2012 Mary Fioratti

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Sadness and confusion in this generalised description of pain and regret. The tone was so reflective of contempation and it is well described.

Posted 7 Years Ago

so true and sad. "they are cruel, they bruise, stab, hurt , stain" I particularly like the word "stain" to describe longer lasting memories.
love it :D

Posted 8 Years Ago

Wow... nice job SO TRUE!

Posted 8 Years Ago

They say that we dream because it somehow releaves the angst of the day.. of the pain we face... the dark hollow places... the memories that haunt us... You share such scars that may fade, but will never disappear... Overwhelming write.

Posted 8 Years Ago

A seemingly whispered poem, as if you've opened a box, looked at your pain, and found it's still there, deep in the core of you. Yes, there are moments in life when we wish to hell we hadn't lived but, we have and maybe we learn more from those moments than the carefree, even humdrum times.
Your finely formatted poem is so sad and yet i can't help feeling that from it pours empathy; you've spoken for people who can't express their pain, but your words say, I understand because ..

Posted 8 Years Ago

Pain is something we face on a daily level... there are certain pains that are slight and temporary and there are some that will stay with us forever... either way if we do not deal with a pain it feaster and grow till it explodes and innocent loved ones suffer. Your poem if full of wisdom.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Mary Fioratti
Mary Fioratti


My real name is "Maria Ines", some people call me Mary or Maria. I am originally from Brazil, and I have lived in USA for 20 years. I live each day as the last. Breath life. Love people. Always in .. more..


A Poem by Mary Fioratti

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