A Wonderful Adventure

A Wonderful Adventure

A Story by Mary Gatlin

Just an idea I came up with for a short story might add more to it later.

She sat in the center o her room, staring at her phone, her fingers itching to write. Rarely would she go out into the world but the day she did, she met him. He was tall, charming, outgoing, eyes like melted chocolate. Everything she wasn't. It scared her to feel this way about someone especially since she was always alone, she felt comfortable that way.
Many called what she had an "irrational fear", agoraphobia. She merely saw it as not having an issue with being alone. The world was filled with disappointment and unneeded danger. The one night she went out for her 26th birthday she felt on edge, nervous desperate to go back into her small yet perfect world. When she saw him everything changed the world stopped moving, no longer she felt uneasy. That was the first night she truly had fun. They danced, they laughed and they fell in love.
Once she had his number on her phone she could feel it burning in her pocket. For the first time she had something to look forward to. She sat in the center of her room eager to answer his question. "Want to come outside?" With that in a brisk motion she grabbed her purse, took a deep breath and went out into the world to live the wonderful adventure that was being in love.

© 2014 Mary Gatlin

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A good one indeed...Thank you for sharing...:)...............

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on February 12, 2014
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