A Call to Arms, A Cry of Temptation

A Call to Arms, A Cry of Temptation

A Poem by Mason

This call to arms penetrates my eardrums,
Like a heated blade pierces cold armor.

I try to avoid this sensation that calls me,
But constantly it urges me to press toward the horizon,
Which at this point,
Has been so doused in blood,
That it spills into the seas and onto the lands,
Wherever it touches.

This beast beckons me from the darkness,
It is a siren,
So alluring and mystical in its voice,
But I know to ignore it,
And I battle hard with my conscience,
To block out these temptations.

But temptations are, as their name suggests,
And I can often find it a difficult venture to battle these calls.

I let the water that runs over my skin stay cool,
Cold if I must,
Because these sensations are constantly heating me up,
the sunset burning brighter than midday,
But I try to ignore them.

I know I must not let the flames flare up and consume me like Apollo's burning sun consumed Icarus,
And I must maintain Irene's pleasant complexion and stay cool under Boreas' breaths.

Aries cries out to me,
"Join me on the battlefield,"
But I would rather listen to the soft whispers of Athena,
Who reminds me of what great wisdom can accomplish.

These waves of blood will continue to wash over me,
As if Poseidon himself were trying to drag me into this sea of resentment and hatred,
But I will stand adamant and strong,
With the strength of Kratos holding me back on this shore.

I will calm myself here with the enchantments of Dionysus and Apollon,
As they serenade me pleasure of sound and taste,
While Aphrodite would please my eyes with her presence,
And all would be well.

Even with Hades knocking at my door,
I will still find peace here,
And ignore the calls of the siren.

Oh temptation,
In an attempt to avoid you,
I have given in to your interminable charm and grace,
But such is life, a paradox, no doubt.

© 2014 Mason

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Wonderful writing. It really carries the reader away from stanza to stanza.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on May 11, 2010
Last Updated on May 5, 2014
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