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So, this is an unedited blog, my first. I'm not writing this for your pleasure. I'm not writing this for your entertainment. I'm writing this to project an inner monolouge. So, what am I going to write about? I bet you're asking yourself the same thing. One thing that's been on my mind is the pride of the human race. "But, isn't pride a good thing?" No, there's no reason at all for anyone to think they're better than the person beside them. Who the f**k are you? Okay, let me say this, if you're the top in your class and you get A's in every single thing and you look down on the mentally handicapped person who's struggling in something, then just go f*****g jump. Of course some people are better at some things than other people, but if that one thing makes you think you have the right to look down on anyone else, jump. Just remember that the person you're looking down upon is better than you at something else.


"Oh, you're so full of hatred. Why? C'mon, life aint that bad!" It is when people let the thought of being better than someone, in any way, slip into your mind. You're not that great. One group in particular, off the top of my head, that I can throw some hatred at are these radical f****n' femminists. Always thinking they're so much better than men. Okay, I admit, 99% of all men I've ever met have been complete morons. But it's the arrogance of these people that I hate. It's gotten to the point where you can't even hold the door open for a radical femminists without being called a sexist f*****g pig. Okay ladies, let me tell you something: radical femminists are one step away from dyke. I don't mean regular lesbians, I mean dykes. They have facial hair, an adams' apple, and they have more testostorone than the average man. I'm not downing gays. I absolutely support the gays, but when your balls are bigger than mine, maybe it's time to calm down.


And, one last thing, we need to get rid of all this pride in our nation, our state, our country, our f*****g location! Do you understand this? We have pride about where the hell we live! How arrogant of us as a species. Do you think the dog who lives in a rich mans' house considers himself any better than the dog who lives on the street? It doesn't; and neither should we. What I'm trying to say here is that we as a human race need to realize is that's exactly what we are. We're all people. We're all one. How about we throw out our mindset of fear and start coming from a place of love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your door; the eyes of love lets you know that we are all people who need to band together and, if we do, we can explore space. Inner and outer.

© 2012 MattHeston

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perfect use of descriptive words

Posted 8 Years Ago

perfect use of descriptive words

Posted 8 Years Ago

I relly enjoyed thisbecause it was the complete truth and was very interesting to read about. great job

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Im just a young ( young being 15) writer/ comedian trying to get better. more..