A Note On A Harsh World

A Note On A Harsh World

A Poem by Isabel

Originally written Feb. 11

Bottled sunsets and coke with whiskey on ice.
Jack has got a look of fear in his eyes.
Why don’t they care about the confetti smoked air?
You can’t hide darkness behind glitter; it's unfair.
But with a hateful world and those bestowed with unjust disposition, evil vows to live unbarred.
I refuse to stitch myself a permanent smile, when the innocent go to sleep, scared and starved.
Hope is foolish here. Belief even more so.
It's too easy to cry for peace and one thing to fight for it, but no one dares to bleed for a real chance to break through.
No one ever really tries for the sake of getting by and not wasting time.
But, what "time" will there be left, if time is now and now can impact the state of forever?
Why do they think it easier to turn away and pretend they'll be safe tomorrow?
Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Not even for those who stand on the backs of others.
Denial is ignorant and consequential.
They can refute the skies and burn money for selfish protection all they want, but the stone cold reputation of indiscriminate Death shows its pale face to everyone.
Yet, no matter how much life kicks stones to our already bruised ankles or cuts out pieces of our war torn hearts, the soul built on love withstands it all.
Change will not deter. There will be justice for the silenced.
Yes fear is controlling, but when love is resilient it can make the few good outnumber the many evil.
It's a harsh world, but never underestimate the bravery in the handful of those who are willing to bleed for change and for peace.

© 2020 Isabel

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Added on October 29, 2020
Last Updated on October 29, 2020
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