I Wish I could Say Something Special

I Wish I could Say Something Special

A Poem by Michael W. Farrelly

When someone means so much that there is no words that can aptly describe the depth of passion.



I Wish I Could Say Something Special
what can I say to you that we haven't discussed before?
It's too self-congratulatory of us to pass between us
more offerings of love and adoration, observations
of your style, art, wit, and beauty;
but I feel I need to pass this moment with you
open to your gaze, so coldly calculatingly
secretive in there, and say something,
somehting significant,
something true,
something real and full of the passion that I feel for you
and you alone,
 as I watch you surf through throngs and crowds,
life and memories. As I watch you become you,
a fraction of your passing touching me
and setting me spinning into the now and the region of your smile.
I really wish it was in me
to say something special.

© 2010 Michael W. Farrelly

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amazing..i wish tooo

Posted 10 Years Ago

wonderful write here

Posted 12 Years Ago

Ah, if only it could last forever.
The piece flows like a silk gown cascading down a beautiful body.
You continue to leave me in awe.

Well done.



Posted 15 Years Ago

this is beautiful, sounds great read aloud, flows like water over rocks. the content is so tender and sweet, and it expresses something i feel all the time. the reason i don't write love poems is this poem. well done.

Posted 15 Years Ago

Send this to the one your heart speaks of, and you will find you said much, and said it beautifully. Rain..

Posted 15 Years Ago

Beautiful sentiment and so true how difficult it is to find the words to express how we feel sometimes - especially when it comes to love. Great expression. Thank you.

Posted 15 Years Ago

wow i loved this!!!!!! couple typos in there, that tripped me up a little, but those are easily fixed lol

"something significant,
something true,
something real and full of the passion that I feel for you"

that hidden rhyme within the poem worked wonders. it played so well within the piece.

i really loved this. the sentiment is so honest, and so.. profound at the same time. great write!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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