A Poem by Michael Iam Bone

This poem has a hidden meaning behind it, can you guess it?


My brothers and sisters…

For millennia, our homes have been

Pillaged and destroyed. Our daughters

And wives taken and used as cattle,

While we are slaughtered to no end.

We are slaves.

There was a time that we were great,

A time when we were stronger than

These savage beasts who call

Themselves men of culture and

Wisdom. They are no wiser than the

Dogs they call friend, nor their fur

They call rags. They know nothing!

They are blind.

Their designs may be much greater

Than ours, but no man can wield

Such power without the wisdom

To use it, or not use it. They make

Idols and trinkets. They worship

The gods of greed and malice!

The inferiority!

Can no one think of a greater irony

Than their greatest love being not

Only the thing they hate most, but

That it is their downfall? And on top

of that, they do not even learn from

Such a downfall, and repeat their

Acts of greed and malice to no end!

Such is of perfect ignorance!

But no longer my brethren! We must fight back! No longer will they destroy our homeland!

No longer will they take our women and children! Today, is the day of liberation!

Today, is the day we fight!!!

© 2017 Michael Iam Bone

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Added on October 18, 2016
Last Updated on February 9, 2017
Tags: inhumane, rebellion, war, slavery, oppression, beast, dog, greed, lust, death, hatred, Idolatry, Riddle, Fur, Blind, Wisdom, Power, Irony, Love, Ignorance, Anger, Wrath


Michael Iam Bone
Michael Iam Bone

Altoona, IA

I am a writer, and I currently write mostly poetry. I hope to expand and do more later on to improve my craft and have more material to share with others. I would be glad to receive any input or advic.. more..


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