A Poem by lost sock

Written for a friend.


"Best friends forever,"

that's the pact that we made.

No matter where life takes us,

together we'll stay.


But as the years go by,

I can't help but ask:

Did you really mean it?

Or is keeping up too great a task?


When we were young,

being with you was home.

Now we get together

and all I feel is alone.


I should feel closer to you

than anyone else I know.

Though I hate to admit it,

that just isn't so.


You know my favorite food

and my favorite place to be.

That's all fine and dandy but

you don't really know me.


You don't know my greatest fear

or my hopes and dreams.

I know you think otherwise

but we aren't as close as it seems.


Yes, it's partly my fault

because I haven't shared anything with you.

I just don't feel comfortable anymore,

so what am I supposed to do?


We've gotten older

and both of us have changed.

It shouldn't be a surprise

that I feel estranged.


I've lived in denial

and time has taken its toll.

I really miss you fitting

the best friend role.


If I had spoken sooner,

maybe we could have made it through.

However, I was a coward

and I'll always look back with rue.


Now I fear it's over

and we're drifting apart.

But I'll forever hold a place for you

deep in my heart.

© 2008 lost sock

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hehe...I have to chuckle at the end of this cute poem. Structurally the stanzas are sound.
Yeah, I can tell this is for a friend, because it is full of sap. Great sappy piece. Your friend is lucky!!

Posted 16 Years Ago

aww how sad it is when friends drift apart, but you can never really forget what that person has meant to you.
i have had several friends, especially from middle school, that i never see anymore, and it's sad when we get together because there's nothing to talk about- they've changes so much and i suppose so have i, that we dont really know eachother anymore. however, there are stilll memories that make us smile and when we see eachother, we're always sure to wave and say 'hello' just for old times' sake.

Posted 16 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on February 28, 2008