A Poem by lost sock

Yeah. I'm kind of overwhelmed right now.


Right now I'm at that point where it feels like

I'm standing on a precipice,

being chased by some terrible unknown,

and the only way out is down.

The world seems to be conspiring against me.

I'd like to say that, by now, I'm numb to it all,

numb to the fear, the pain, the tears.

But I'm not.

The fear and the pain just keep growing,

more and more tribulations accumulating,

and with each one, the tears flow harder.

I want to be empty.

I want to be cold and emotionless.

But the feelings just keep plaguing me,

never giving me a moment's rest.

I'm tormented by the memories of how it used to be

and the knowledge of the way it will be soon.

I feel like none of this is really happening,

like I'm watching someone else's life.

This isn't the way things were supposed to go.

I go to bed, praying to wake up from this nightmare,

but when my eyes open, nothing has changed.


That's all I want to know.

If I had a reason for all these curses,

maybe they wouldn't hurt quite so badly.

Or maybe they would hurt worse.

© 2008 lost sock

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I have just been writing about this very subject. I obviously don't know your circumstances but I do recognise a very universal theme here of life being a real dissappointment on one level or another, or feeling claustraphobic in society's grasp. It is what we make it, that is the task we seem to have forgotten.

I am posting it here, I hope you don't mind, if so, let me know and I will delete it. Wasn't planning on posting it just yet because my other poetry needs time to sink in to this wonderful world of writing on the net but your poem calls for change. This is my way.

Liberating Living

In order to live fully
We have to be willing to
Adapt to whatever journey
We decide to direct our mind upon.
Choose our path, envisage our journey
Take tiny steps in the positive direction.
Be willing to incorporate circumstance. Dance
Down every consequential valley. Doodle on walls
Take our time as time dictates, slowly, quickly, paced,

Every journey, no matter how seemingly mundane can be
Magical, exhilarating, or simply a drain. Melancholy is the root

That stagnates the mind that puts in the boot. Revel in each and every day.
Liberating your heart, nourishing your soul. Wanting it that way.

Hope it helps, smiling at you


Posted 16 Years Ago

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Added on May 19, 2008
Last Updated on May 19, 2008