The Moon Knows More

The Moon Knows More

A Poem by MikeTheMechanic

A vision of our desire to understand our world and that which surrounds us


Watercolor veils of confusion and desire, dripping,

Sliding down the faces of stargazers,

They await the wisdom of Orion,

The stars project to those who listen,

All eyes on an ocean of sky,

All minds wondering simply, “Why?”

Pure knowledge sought here,

unbiased, unfiltered,

The new age Sages clear their heads,

Visions of a New Dawn,

An age of understanding and reason,

Eden approaches,

Are you ready, son?

Did you pack your toothbrush?

Did you bring deodorant and such?

Not a second to waste,

Hurry! Rush!

The spectators smoke pipes and sing songs,

Their youthful energies melded to one,

Can't we all just, get along?”

No. Answers. Come.

Just the wise silence of the night,

Orion keeps his celestial secrets,

We Are Not Ready.

Our knowledge so vast,

Infinitely growing,

Collapsing to past,

Our ignorance showing,

Too many thoughts,

Not enough thinkers,

Too many questions,

The mind just lingers,

We want it all now,

Nature's bounty of knowing,

But the Moon says “No.”

Its unmistakable face glowing on.

Ancient energies coarse through our flesh,

The penetrating remains of Supernovae past,

Neutrinos dancing on our very souls,

Dancing like Nomads,

Roaming the land in search of Meaning,



They will be disappointed,

For there's no silver lining on the clouds of our chaos,

Even our own Human Nature, bound to betray us,

The End not approaching,

Its always been here,

Hidden within us,

A product of Fear.

The stars understand,

We can only handle The Lie,

The Sages know too,

And they cry, cry, cry,

The calming sea of Infinity calls, beckons,

The tide bringing with it answers,

Answers that lead to new questions,

Questions that lead to new fear,

Fear breeding hate, in our lovely little world,

We Are Not Ready.

Eden slips through our outstretched fingers,

Once more.

© 2012 MikeTheMechanic

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I've gotta say mike, I feel like I really ought to be listening to some cowboy bebop while I'm reading this. Some of my favorite types of pictures/drawings are those that are taken/drawn of outer space. That's exactly where this poem put me man. Also I've got to admit that I'm not much of a poem guy, but this was a good read regardless.

P.S. Perfect song for reading this poem > Cowboy Bebop - Space Lion. I believe the song was done by The Seatbelts.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Mike this is a really wonderful poem. It reminds me of the news story where I read about the huge coronal mass ejection of the Sun. This poem demonstrates that humans are still trying to understand our very universe, and that includes that news story as well. I remember reading how it has been proposed that we can colonize Mars, or colonize the upper atmosphere of Venus. It's interesting how we are trying to reach for further knowledge, and your poem demonstrates that.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Very first poem i wrote and decided not to throw away

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is wonderful.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on January 21, 2011
Last Updated on February 6, 2012
Tags: future, human, revolution, sage



Houston, TX

Just a guy trying to let the world know how i see it more..


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