Dressed in black

Dressed in black

A Poem by Mind Giant

Its a piece that I still feel in my heart


Today I'm dressed in all black… As an after effect of all the things that happened to me this past year. My body died emotionally, the pain caused my heart to depart this life. No one is at this funeral; I'm all alone for the event of my hearts' demise.


I hear dirt getting tossed on my wooden box, it's scares me just like thunder to a child's ear. Today I'm dressed in all black… As my heart laid there; all was quiet. As my heart laid there, I hear a small voice on the outside. As my heart laid I realize that it wasn't the right time. As my heart laid there I realize that it never died.


Today I'm no longer dressed in all black…As my heart awakens from a deep and cold slumber I become conscious. My child stretched his hand out and lifted me out of the box. His unconditional love acted as my artificial heart while mine shed. His four year old conversations pumped love back unto My heart that was half past dead.


 Today I'm no longer dressed in all black… Today the teacher becomes the student. Today I'm four years old once again. Today my heart lives on… Thanks to him… Thank you my son… you are truly my heart.


( I posted some of my old writings not to re-live the pain, but to share an experience and grow )

© 2011 Mind Giant

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Mind Giant
Please be kind,but thruthful,

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I understand the poem. Today I have grandchildren to give me reason and purpose to be alive. Sometime we can fall down and need the wisdom of love and hope to save us. Thank you for the outstanding poetry.

Posted 9 Years Ago

The growth, the break from the past, the moment. You imagery and thought reminds me of the pslams!!!

Fr. Vincent

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Mind Giant

6 Years Ago

thanks a lot vincent

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Mind Giant

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