The Castle's Ghost

The Castle's Ghost

A Poem by Nina St. Moritz

Her flowing own of silver
leaves a shimmer in the air.
The chill of the nightime
stirs her rippling hair.

She drifts along at midnight,
her path well known, well worn.
The window of the tower,
to the tapestry long torn.

Her face is dearly loved
by the people of her home;
always in their thoughts and dreams,
though she walks alone.

From the rings on her fingers,
to the jewels at her neck,
the crown upon her ivory hair;
she's the queen who earned respect.

Now the people are in doubt
since she began to wander.
How can this frail, ghostly queen
defend their kingdom's honor?

Non-responsive, silent,
she wanders through the halls
of the castle she once lived in,
when she had ruled all.

And the people wonder,
what happened, what went wrong,
in the life of the Diamond Queen,
once powerful and strong.

Held secret in her ghostly mind,
the reason torments her.
Where has the kingdom's lover gone?
He lies and does not stir.

Locked atop her haunting tower,
he peacefully lies in bed.
His breath is light and barely there,
not living, but not dead.

And so she walks alone,
her path well known, well worn.
The window of the tower,
to the tapestry long torn.

In the corner of her fading heart,
a sliver of hope does lie,
that one day she might find a cure,
might bring her love to life.

As she walks, she looks above
to the moon in midnight's sky.
Every dawn, she sees stars fade
as the sun begins to fly.

She is searching for any help;
her call goes out to all,
from the start of every single day,
to when the sun begins to fall.

But for now until she's answered,
until she gets what she needs most,
she'll wander the frozen hallways,
forever the Castle Ghost.

© 2012 Nina St. Moritz

Author's Note

Nina St. Moritz
This really doesn't have much of a set genre about it. I just wanted to write and try to explore something at the back of my mind. It turned out like this, and I still have no idea what I was trying to say.. :/

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Added on April 14, 2012
Last Updated on April 19, 2012
Tags: castle, ghost, love, kingdom, eternity, future, frozen, hurt, doubt, path, promise, gift, forever, tapestry, tower, window, cold, pale


Nina St. Moritz
Nina St. Moritz

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