A Poem by Missy Moooooo

She was once Innocent, 
your dirty tricks turned her to anything but
Do you feel stronger bringing her down? 
Do you feel some sort of happiness knowing 
the despair you are creating?

She remembers every bit of your love 
like it was only yesterday. 
The sweet essence of you whispering to 
her that she's your world. 
Those soft beautiful kisses, 
and every time you held her. 

Lord knows she's had life rough, 
she's been beaten
belittled, all from those who were closest 
to her. 

Do you feel something of happiness
knowing that each time you belittle her
she remembers vividly,
her parents calling a 90 pound 7th grader fat,
telling her she's too dumb to make it in life?

How can you live life when you see her hurting
and you just keep doing it?
The life the two of you shared was as true as anything. 
So why does life have to be so complicated for ya'll as a couple? 

What you two shared was as sweet as honey, 
and as cute as a newborn baby. 
Why did you have to do and ridicule your 
entire life?  

Hopefully when you're nowhere in life
and shes off being somebody somewhere in the world
you better realize what good she's done for you.
Life is better understanding this way life it never promises to 
gives you a second or a third chance 
take advantage of your first choices. 
For now and forever. 

© 2013 Missy Moooooo

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I really enjoyed this. People are more fragile than they appear. You never know if life will deal you good cards or bad, so treat those that you have treated you well with the same respect.

A simple, but powerful piece.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Missy Moooooo

10 Years Ago

Thank you so much for the review. People put on the good person act to seem like they'.. read more
This was perfect. I have a friend who is going through a situation just like this right now and it's so hard on her. People don't even realize what they do to people even in just their words. People are sensitive, people are weak, people break easily. That's why they need to stick together. But some people are too proud to realize that I guess. Anyways, keep up the good work!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Missy Moooooo

10 Years Ago

Thank you for the review Maggie. :)
❤ Maggie ❤

10 Years Ago

anytime :)

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Missy Moooooo

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