Autism at the Store

Autism at the Store

A Poem by MistyFog

I see that she's different

And everybody's staring

But all through the crowd

Nobody's caring


She hummed and clapped 3 times

She knocked something over. CLING!

And she seemed still oblivious

To everybodys shadowing


Nobody understands her

And the parents hide in the crowd

I'm fed up with their disapproval

"She has autism!" I say out loud


Poem by Grace u  and  mistyfog.

© 2012 MistyFog

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We know we have all done this weather we deny it or not we have seen that kid that person that child that is off and you can tell there off and you typically have one of 3 options avoid eye contact pretend there not here, Stare at them and think whats wrong with them. Or see them and turn away not wanting to face them .I my self turn my head because I can not bare it even with aspergers myself I just can't help myself to look at the child because i feel so sorry for them because i could have been worse but i was not i was lucky in comparison to them and it brakes my heart and I wish i could reach my hand out to any child with a mental disability and say come with me together we can be normal together we can be accepted in society but that's not true I got ....lucky ... they didn't .... and it terrifies me . so yet I try to offer any of them at least in school in a learning environment friendship and help

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on June 24, 2012
Last Updated on June 24, 2012
Tags: autism, different, clap, hum, disorder, yell, damage, cling, brain, care, crowd, grace u, mistyfog



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