A Story by MistyFog

It was a huge battle. Our enemies were attacking us from behind, killing our back troops as the ones in front of us created a bomb diversion. Ten of their soldiers died just be being slammed against the bomb by others. I whistled and my troops in the trees swung out on jungle vines, using a rock to push the bomb closer to their sight.

"Duck and cover!!!" their leader yelled, but not very many people got the message.

I heard a shriek. Behind me, I saw one of my soldiers standing next to a person with an arrow in his shoulder.

"Did you really think you could sneak up on me? Well, did you, now?" Nicole said in her British accent, almost completely hidden beneath her shouting.

I said to her, "How many more alive in the back?" while firing an arrow into enemy territory, sure to spread the chaos even further.

"None, front and back line is all we have," she answered.

"Circle formation!" I screamed.

Our group made a circle of our strongest soldiers in the front, with the rest of our troops back-to-back with them. I was in the middle, with a bow that had a spear in it.

I was throwing spears and arrows wildly at the enemies. Until it dwindled down to three people in all. I told my troops to evacuate the field and hide. Some of my other troops on the field were conscious again, but we didn't notice a thing. Nicole and I were back to back, and Captian Sty was in front of us.

"I came here to fight for peace and freedom. You're the dictator of our village."

I pulled out an arrow and aimed it towards his neck, but I didn't release.

"Drop your weapons," I ordered. He obeyed. Their was no question. I had twenty arrows, and he had one knife.

"I fight for peace. You fight to burn it." I released me arrow and her fell back.

One arrow, piercing through the wind briefly until it knocked him down, dead on the ground.

I fight for peace, but the only way to beat evil is to be even more evil.

Do I really fight for peace?

© 2012 MistyFog

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Added on June 25, 2012
Last Updated on June 25, 2012



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