The Easter Rabbit

The Easter Rabbit

A Story by MoonLight Ninja

My Easter creepy pasta

I regret ever being a bad kid I say that because I can no longer be any sort of kid or any sort of any thing it was a couple days before Easter I was being really annoying and norty guess I should of listened to my brother after all he did warn me. At the time I thought he was just trying to stop me from being bad now I see I was wrong he told me if I keep being bad on Easter night the Easter Rabbit will make everyone forget me and I will be gone fore ever I said no he give us chocolates my brother looked at me and said no the Easter Bunny gives people chocolate the Easter Rabbit is different. I told my brother to shut up and kept doing what I was doing. That Easter night I changed my mined. I herd a noise in the kitchen I got up and had a look and there in the kitchen where two rabbits one wight with a basket full of eggs another black with a big grin the black one hoped up to me and said in a creepy voice HAVE YOU BEEN GOOD? I said yes. The black bunny looked at the wight one the wight one shook his head and that's when the black bunny's grin grew he pulled out his finger with a big claw and poked me in the leg I sore the photo of my family behind him but it seemed I wasn't in it anymore I faded away. I looked at my leg and I didn't see blood but chocolate coming out  suddenly I couldn't move and I blacked out when I came to it was morning but still I couldn't move that's when my brother came into the room I tried to say something but couldn't my brother looked really big but he wasn't it was me that was really small. Small and made of chocolate last this I sore was my brothers teeth clenching around my head  and into my neck he was eating me eating his chocolate brother.  ( Happy Easter)

© 2013 MoonLight Ninja

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happy easter

Posted 6 Years Ago


Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on March 30, 2013
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MoonLight Ninja
MoonLight Ninja

Charters towers, Queensland, Australia

I am awesome other website is Ok all serryes now lets talk about me im realy bad at speling and punquwation so sorry about that i like vi.. more..

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