wakeing up dead

wakeing up dead

A Story by MoonLight Ninja

my spelling sucks i know


This is a apsalutly true story well for most of it. sort of. It stated a few years ago now  doors would open in my room when I was asleep on there oun and it would feel like something would be watching me from a far in the dark every night even one time when I went to sleep in the day I swer I hurd something wisper in my ear and I woke straight up but of cours nothing was there but then suddly it all stopped and nothing came back for quite some time a couple years went by and I was fine no spooks or anything but then came one night I was lissaning to some creepy pastas before I went to sleep hahaha  I know bad Idea anyway I fell asleep with the light on and in the middle of the night I woke to a noise I opened my eyes and my door was open again next thing I know some ….. some thing rushed at me I didn’t get to see much of it but its skin was brown and its mouth was like a dementer you know from the movie harry potter it but only its mouth reassemble it anyway it rushed at me and I blacked out I woke up later with a jump like you would I put it down to it being a nightmare after all I did fall asleep to creepy pasta things went normal again a few nights later I woke up again but this time moltapull times in one night I could see but I couldent move or speek people told me it was I was just stuck between sleep and being awake I belivved them but that eray feeling of someone watching me at night returned it has been that way since now have you ever got that feeling like you are somewhere else to where you are well I have because I have figed out something it is hard to exsplain how I founed this out but it is the truth my friends I am dead well I am and I am not you see that night that thing rushed at me I died that night but my life now continued in a altanet reality I am alive but I no longer live in the world where I was born so my friends I am alive but I am aslo dead

© 2013 MoonLight Ninja

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Added on July 12, 2013
Last Updated on July 12, 2013


MoonLight Ninja
MoonLight Ninja

Charters towers, Queensland, Australia

I am awesome other website is http://www.youtube.com/user/MoonliteNinjer Ok all serryes now lets talk about me im realy bad at speling and punquwation so sorry about that i like vi.. more..

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A Chapter by MoonLight Ninja