MEGATRON is cool

MEGATRON is cool

A Story by Moonwind Belmont

A tribute to one of the cartoon world's most infamous yet charismatic villains of all, The Decepticon leader MEGATRON


     He is feared in the galaxy as one of the most evil leaders ever. The mighty decepticon empire was at his feet and he led them numerous times. Their mortal enemies, the Autobots fear and yet respect this adversary and hail him the feared leader of the Deceptions. He is big, he transforms into a powerful weapon. Despite the evil that he is, I think he is cool, he is the only one fit to stand up to Optimus Prime (Galavatron is a whiner ) he is pure bad-a*s, 100% charismatic evil that even Starscream is awed by this behemoth of a leader, he is the one the only DECEPTICONS TRANSFORM AND ATTACK....

    The decepticons have been led by basically the same person in different personas. First, Megatron, then of course Galvatron, the new embodiment of Megatron after being mortally wounded in his final fight with Optimus Prime. Both were ruthless, cunning and feared. Both were weapons of mass destruction and a fully charged galvatron or megatron can destroy an autobot and reduce him to dust. But here is where a world of difference begins.

     GALVATRON transforms into a sort of nuclear cannon, he destroyed Starscream and a planet with one fully charged blast. Obviously he is the more powerful version of the decepticon leader. But it seems that with this overwhelming power, Galvatron is a lunatic. He shoots his decepticon subordinates at will, even those who are helping him because he has been wounded. He sacrifices his fellow deceptions to save his self and leaves his combat to elude defeat. Galvatron whines a lot, blames his fellow decepticons for his mistakes, doesn't listen to advice (even from soundwave!!!) and doesn't listen to any reconnaissance reports done by his fellow decepticons (Remember Blitzwing in the quintessan chapter?) and he obviously doesn't give second chance to comrades who have turned against him.

         MEGATRON transforms supposedly into a Walter P38 Pistol...Decepticon size. However there seems to be an extension barrel connecting to him and a telescope when he transforms. Not as powerful as Galvatron but in no sense less as lethal in the hands of a decepticon (usually soundwave ) or even Optimus Prime. Megatron is a tactician, he plans attacks and raids on autobots stations and fixtures (He is such a brilliant tactician that he was able to conquer cybertron, and Galvatron the nut case lost it) He listens to advice, even from Optimus Prime when the common safety of all were in jeopardy. He values every decepticon and though he will not vouch for  the mistake of a fellow decepticon, he will not shoot them but admonish them however in public. His charisma is on par with Optimus Prime and even his most known critic Starscream would come to respect him. He is practical and is not unlike Galvatron who plunges into the fire without even a pail of water. He has commanded the respect of such powerful Decepticons like Devastator, Bruticus and Trypticon. He gave erring Decepticons another chance ( Astrotrain and for heaven's sake Starscream was always at his side)

     To conclude..who is the better leader...for me..MEGATRON is cool!

© 2012 Moonwind Belmont

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That was cool! I personally had always hoped Starscream would get some balls and take Megatron down. It would have been interesting to see Starscream as a leader. I always felt he was the most intellegent of all the major Decepticons.

A fun read! Thanks for sharing!
Aaron - Wolfwind

Posted 6 Years Ago

Moonwind Belmont

6 Years Ago

yes if you can remember starscream was a scientist alongside sky fire. well too much intelligence ca.. read more

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